Lady Flava’s Poetry “Flava’s Coffee”

Flava’s Coffee

He said, I would have liked to have drank your coffee

Dark and rich with just the right amount of creamy crema to savor

As melodic jazzy sounds are heard in the distance

Visions of what could have been

Or is it, what could be…

As I, without thought grind the beans to a perfect texture 

Swirling in the flava of my own thoughts

I remember experiencing you

A flow of perfection

Tones piercing my soul

Words that spoiled my heart

And then I hear you say…

I would have like to have drank your coffee

Temperatures reaching the right degree

Coming to a halt as I turn off the valve

Pouring the beautiful liquids into a vessel

Perfect for your clutch

An aroma that I know so well and have come to love

My gift to you in this quiet moment of just us

I open my eyes and lick my lips

Devouring every drop as I sip the warmth of my thoughts

I hear you say…I would have like to have drank your coffee

Written by Lady Flava


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