Waving My Leopard Pom Poms

I have always loved creativity of others, never really thinking of myself as an artists, but I guess I have in my own way. I was apart of the floral industry for over 20 years, having my own freelance business, “A Touch of Sunshine.” I have always love reading books and listening to music….this was apart of my everyday life and experience.

When I built Flava Coffee House, I knew that I wanted to to represent the diversity of my community and express a welcoming experience for those that loved creativity. I played local artists music, hung local art on my walls, sold indie books, crafts, music, graphics and more… I worked closely with an architect to creative the vibe and everything that Flava represented made sense to me and to those that came to be family within her walls. This is where my true passion was birthed and I recognized that this was my calling to create a variety of platforms to support the ones that grabbed at my soul to want to share to my network presence in person and online.

Moving to Vegas, I thought I would fall right into a variety of experiences that would open the door to my purpose and goal for moving to the Entertainment Capital of the World. I was in for a rude awakening, but there is apart of me that has not totally given up.

I love Original, Authentic, Fresh Creative Experiences. I do not embrace all that comes across my path and that stems from a variety of reasons… When I designed Flava Coffee House, my Slogan was and still is “Flava is a Taste, a Style, a Feeling…What’s your Flava?” Everyone is draw to what they are drawn to, it does not mean someone is a ‘Hater” it may simply mean that they just don’t like it.

I crave to find infectious energy and to be wowed by something New and Fresh. I have been in love with Creative SoulZ for along time and will always Wave My Invisible Leopard Pom Poms for those that I am drawn to and believe deserves to be experienced by the masses.

I know that I am just one person, and I also understand that people may not care if I show support…but God put me on this journey almost 20 years ago and it’s in my spirit to continue on this path. Things have changed from when I have first started and many of my colleagues no longer do what we once collaborated to do around the U.S.A. but I realized almost every morning that it has never left me. So, these days I write blogs about how I feel and what I think is of valued to share.


Promotions on Social Media

Effective Communication

Health and Wellness…Taking care of yourself Mind-Body-Spirit


and more….

Everything I write about main focus is on Creative SoulZ, but can make sense to the life for a diverse group of people.

Lady Flava The Indie Artist’s Cheerleader/Artist’s Advocate…I Support Creativity from All Genres and Art Forms.

What Role Does Art and Creativity Play a Role In Your Life? I would love to know.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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