Is Your Music Ready To Released To The Public?

How do you determine that your music is ready to release to the public?

Are you working with Topnotch producers/engineers?

Are you doing out of a home base studio and do you know what clarity of sound sounds like?

Do you share with a focus group that gives you feedback on all aspects of sound and vibe?

What is the reason you chose the song you are putting out?

Does the song represent your essence and does your authentic self shine through?

Is your song something that will pull on someone to want to experience over and over?

A simple place to start with quality of production…listen to your track against your favorite mainstream artist track of the same genre.

Can you hear or recognize if you track/song is just subpar? Or is it sincerely a FLAVA that will stand on its own and grow in fans and revenue?

When I was into doing online radio, I would put a new track with headphones on and my eyes closed. I’m totally focused to feel everything in the musical experience of the track. I’m listening to everything about the track and if I move, literally move, I know I am feeling the vibe and will play the track.

The vibe and how music makes me feel is the tell all if I would play and if I will share my thoughts on it.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

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