Step Away From Your Public Personality

Sometimes I think we need to step away from our public personalities, the social media persons and our jobs and just chill. Take the time to just Do You, whatever that looks like and enjoy.

My plan this weekend was to work on a blog and vlog…I did none of that, I just sat and watched Korean movies on Netflix, drank coffee and herbal tea, I made simple meals, mostly smoothies. At times I laid on my couch and let the tv watch me. I didn’t think about work or Lady Flava projects. I didn’t hangout online. I just was…

Usually, the weekends is when I work on LadyFlava projects or my possibly go out to a show.

But clearly God told me to be quiet in mind and spirit and I watched shows that didn’t take much thought.

No phone calls…but I did prayer for my special people and I did online church.

The bottomline is, I did nothing of significance but it was a perfect weekend. #ThePowerOf60+

#nostress #nothingplanned #chilled #relaxed #noconversations #nowork #metime #justme

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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