Prince Tribute with Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind

Prince Tribute with Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind at Backstage Bar & Billiards in the Fremont area of Las Vegas on Saturday June 25, 2022.

Although, I have know Brian GSoul for years and have been following him before I moved to Vegas, this was the first time to really experience him as an entertainer. He did not disappoint.

I knew that Brian GSoul was a great talent. The background singers harmonies were perfect. The musicians that was put together by Music Director, Skip Rice were phenomenal. Bringing Lillian Rice of Love The Music to help with the production was on point. Backstage Bar & Billiards was a perfect venue to present this show from. And of course, Zeola Gaye (Marvin Gaye’s baby sister) as the evenings host was special.

This musicians are the foundation of the musical experience. Skip Rice on Bass, Mo on Keys, Kenny Payne on Guitar and Kip on Drums.

Queen ARIES, Wardell and Cherise create the musical journey.

As Brian GSoul orchestrated the musical story…It was a true Tribute to The Legend, Prince.

Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind performed some of Prince’s classics from:

Let’s Go Crazy – I Wanna Be Your Love – Erotic City – Raspberries Beret – Diamonds and Pearls and of course Purple Rain along with a variety of other songs by Prince.

Brian GSoul was engaging, full of stories that helped to enhance the musical journey that we were taken on. You could feel the passion of all the music talents on this stage and for me, that is where the magic came from.

Together, they created a great musical experience of a variety of Prince’s music. The vibe was great. I can only say good things about my experience of Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind.

Zeola Gaye was wonderful and gracious as a host. Ava Berman, who is one of the owners of Backstage Bar & Billiards has a wonderful history with Prince and once owned a club with him. Keith Rosary, who at one time was part of Prince’s security team, shared endearing stories he experienced in this capacity on Prince’s team. It was a blessing that he happened to be in town this night and Ava invited him to stop by and check out the show.

Shout out to:

Kim Gaye of MoRoc Entertainment

Lillian Rice of Love The Music EPM

Oepstudio Photos & Froggie

Grayling Harris, Donna Gaye Harris & Anthony Harris

Along with the many people that help make this show a success. As Brian stated on Facebook, it took a team to put this together and pull it off

I will be paying attention to what is next from Brian GSoul, and I honestly am hoping this is not going to be a one night show for his Prince Tribute.

My only suggestion is it ran a little too long, so cut down on the number of tracks performed.

Otherwise, this show in my opinion deserved to have a standing room only audience…it was that good. So I would encourage Brian to develop a team that focus is solely on promotions and marketing, so the next show is at full capacity.

I also feel, this is a solid show that could get a residency somewhere in Las Vegas once it is perfected, as well as to be taken on the road.

Brian GSoul & The DirtyMind Prince Tribute was one of the best performances I have experienced in Las Vegas.

You can see several of the pictures and snippet collages that I took on my LadyFlavaNews Facebook page:

You can see some videos of this show on my LadyFlavaNews YouTube Channel:

I Rate this show: 9 Flava Snaps

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews


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