I Speak My Truth

I was raised by people who had honest conversations. People who pulled our coattails when we were doing wrong or needed to understand something.

I was having this conversation with my god-sister this morning. I went over a situation that happened in high school when I spoke my truth on something I was witnessing from a person who was my friend and I cared very much about. The outcome was not positive. Should I have held my tongue? I think not…

As a person who has been in the Arts & Entertainment Industry since 2004 but officially as a business since 2007. I’ve witnessed a lot of approaches in artists try to level up and grow in who they are as a creative person. Somethings worked and other things didn’t.

You could tell who had the heart and determination and who were doing it for fun.

The independent artist scene appears to be different than the independent entertainer scene. But both can benefit from utilizing professional tools and approaches to what they do.

Independent Artists are more receptive to honest feedback on a whole. Where independent entertainers not so much. The hustle is different and how they obtain opportunities in some ways.

Independent Artists it’s in show and prove.

Independent Entertainers it’s in who you know and who is willing to help you land a gig.

Both can benefit from honest feedback.

I am a person who wants to hear valuable feedback. I may not like it, but trust me I’m will think on it and determine wither I need to make changes based on what was expressed to me.

I want better for others and only share if someone matters to me. This is my character and I believe I do it respectfully. If I’ve go in a direction of being rude, I’m pretty much done with dealing with a person and I’m working towards walking away from playing a roll.

To grow in who you are and what you are doing, you should want honest feedback.

I came into to industry as a book review and music reviewer. I’ve had mentors who educated me on the art of writing, visual arts and music arrangement and clarity. I chose to constantly learn in my area of interest, so can better serve creative soulz.

I recently read a book by someone that I know and have respect for in his music presence. The book was so poorly written and I shared my concerns with a colleague. I was advised not to write the review because people would not be happy with me. That was crazy, but I did understand the warning and I did not write the review. This is a person that I could not even privately give my feedback because it would not be understood or received well. 🥸

The Power of 60+

Redirect my approach or non approach to giving feedback.

I will save speaking my truth in my blogs and vlogs.

It’s not always necessary to share your truth for the betterment of someone else. It’s sad but feels true. Learning to be selective when sharing my truthful opinion.

The Art of Silence!

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts 😁

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