Yes, I Became Irritated

The past 6 months or so, I was listening to what appeared to be the desires of some peoplepeople that matter to me. I identified what I can do or what can I create to help their circumstances.

I listen and feel the needs of others as an Empath. This doesn’t always work out for me in a healthy way. I am one who will step up and create the tools needed or create promotions and do the promoting on social medias. I will put in work.

This is my character to want to help. What I have found is I misread circumstances. If I would have taken the time to pay attention to what action they are willing to put into themselves, that is the tell all. Does the person understand the steps as they enter into creating a project for sale… another who’s style of promoting is not for everyone and has nothing to do with their audience.

I stepped up to help and then realized that the information that I shared was like I was speaking a foreign language. Why is this? This baffles me. I have created professional tools for them to use and they don’t use them. What I have to understand and accept that some have no desire to understand the ways of growing what you need in 2022. Being stuck in how it was done one upon a time doesn’t necessarily work today. Along with not wanting to level up their presentation when connecting with potential opportunities. I have to step aside in silence.

I chose to keep doing what I was doing. At first it was because I believe in them and what they do. Second because I enjoy doing what I do for others. Third was because it helped to give exposure to LadyFlavaNews.

After having hard conversations with these wonderful talented people… I had to accept that our minds, abilities and willingness to learn, implement and new actions was not in the same page.

I said to myself, you can not force people to understand and take action that they find no value in. You also cannot create a hype on your own for someone who does not want to create a hype for themselves.

Now as we enter the Fall of 2022…I have to let go of this irritation/frustration. I have shared my truth with all of them from what I have witnessed from what the say and what they are doing or lack of what they are doing. Of course they did not like what I said. I am okay with that. I felt it was important to be honest, because all of these people matter to me.

But today, I can not carry on with irritating and frustrating conversations. I cannot feel responsible for others who don’t want what I have to offer. And I cannot fix the direction that someone takes without understanding what they are doing.

Once upon a time I could spend my time living life supporting creative soulz. Now I have a job that is demanding of my person and drains me during the week, so my time is limited of willingness and ability to assist creative soulz.

The power of 60+ tells me today is to Step Back and Learn to Be Silent. Let people do what they are going to do. And if they want my help, it’s going to be on my terms and will not disturb my peace.

Not everyone wants help…

I now understand this and accept it.

So I will share my knowledge in blogs and vlogs, as my sister said, “there are people who will value what you have to offer.”

I needed to come to this place in my life.

As Kevin back East said, Flava you are national and international…your following is not in Vegas. You have the ability to reach around the globe.”

Thank You God for this s Lesson.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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