To My Arts & Entertainment Friends…Be Healthy

I think about health and wellness all the time. I think about it a lot since I have been in Vegas and have experienced several people in the Entertainment Community who have health concerns.

I am no expert on health and looking at me you may not be aware that I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But I do, water is my drink of choice or herbal tea, 30-60 minutes of exercise (right now in the pool), fruits & veggies, prayer & meditation, 7-8 hours of sleep…I set boundaries with people and drama. Yes, I am still heavy so possibly it’s a hormonal imbalance, it’s not my thyroid…I will get this figured out.

I just want to encourage you to establish a healthy lifestyle. You should always present us with your best when we experience you. And if you are not healthy, you cannot give us your best.

Take Care of You!

I’m working on taking care of me 😁

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Wanting to encourage you because I care 🙏

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