New Beginnings

I like New Beginnings…To dare to dream…Create from scratch, yet have a foundation to start from and to breathe in Peace and Hope… God never left me and I gratefully receive the possibilities of my tomorrows.

Throughout my life I have experienced many many new beginnings, and I realized just now as I’m writing this…I love new beginnings. To have the opportunity to change the direction or explore the unknown. I struggle when I feel stuck. I struggle with conversations about nothing or negative. I realized that I’ve experienced trauma bond and I played a huge role.

So now I’m excited to return home. I will not return home the same person that I was when I left. I do identify this as a new beginning even though I’m returning home.

I have open expectations of myself and others. My perspective and direction as a supporter of indie creative soulz will be different. I have heard my city has changed, so I will find my way to fit in and blossom. I’m in my 60’s, so it’s time to be at peace and let what will be, be.

The last 6 months God has allowed the right messages to cross my path in a variety of ways…I am blessed to be a Child of God.

I receive the messages with an open mind and heart. It is a process, but I’m willing to go through it, I know I will come out a better version of myself.

Cheers to new beginnings and all the possibilities.

What’s your new beginning look like?

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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