Sherry Gordy Presents…Stage2Stage Washington FINALS with Host, Dionna Notes on Sunday, June 29, 2014


This coming Sunday is the Finals for the Sherry Gordy Presents Stage2Stage Washington. Seattle come out and support along with participate in who will be heading to Vegas to Represent our City!

Date: Sunday, June 29th

Doors Open at: 7:00pm

Show Starts at: 8:30pm

LocationLucky Dragonz 

11819 Renton Ave S
Seattle, Washington 98178

Cost: $10.00

Direct all questions to Dionna Notes and be sure to join the facebook page:Sherry Gordy Presents Stage 2 Stage Seattle Washington to stay updated on this amazing opportunity for the artists of our city and region.


I want to Thank, Miss Sherry Gordy for stepping out and providing this great opportunity to our city along with other locations around the United States.  Many times the local talents of regions all over go unheard and experienced by the masses or those outside their own hometown.  We in Seattle, have a variety of top quality of talents that deserve this opportunity and you through Dionna Notes has provide 4 of our own to go head to head this coming Sunday, June 29, 2014 at the beautiful, Lucky Dragonz Casino’s Ballroom.


To My City of Seattle, WA…I want to invite you and impress upon you that if you love this city like I do and you want to see the arts community to grow, be recognized and respected….come be apart of this wonderful evening.  Who ever wins, heads to Las Vegas to represent us on Sherry Gordy’s Stage at Fiesta Rancho Hotel & Casino’s “Club Tequila”   Check out how Team Gordy does it in Vegas:


Sherry Gordy presents Stage 2 Stage Washington is proud to present and congratulate our 4 semi finalist;

Jay Mitchell, Arzelia Jr Jones, Merrydean Grant and Lawrence Moore.

Trust you don’t want to miss our finale June 29th where one of them will win it ALL! !!!

Going to Las Vegas and rep Washington on Sherry Gordy Take the Stage and 3days 2 nights for two !

Come support your favorite to win.

~Dionna Notes~

To the Finalists…Bring your “A Game”  Dress to Impress as you dazzle us with a full fledged show that showcases your talents and why you should be the one that wins this amazing opportunity to perform in Vegas. 


If you don’t know who Sherry Gordy is, she is the BabyGirl of Motown’s very own, Berry Gordy.


To find out more about Sherry Gordy and Sherry Gordy Presents, go to:


Last but not least, I want to give a big shout out to Miss Dionna Notes that is an amazing talent within your own right, who has worked endlessly to put this together for the Seattle talents to have this opportunity to go to Vegas.  If it were not for her hard work and commitment and faith, this would not have come to our city.   So Thank you so much Dionna!

Seattle, this one is for us, so come out and help us decide who will be the one that hits the stage in Vegas!

Waving My Leopard Pom Poms for all the Finalists, it is going to be a tough decision for us to make!  See you at the Lucky Dragonz Ballroom this Sunday, June 29th!

Lady Flava 

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Flava’s Seasoned Soulz Listening Party 06/13 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.


Welcome to Seasoned Soulz on FMarlex Radio where I share the sounds that I believe my seasoned sisters and brothers will love. Sharing the flava of: Korla Wygal-Shoulda Been Me, Kevin Flint Jackson-Go With Me, Ashanti Munir, Marc VanClaggett-If I Could Hold You, Nancy Ruth-Love Denied, Calvin Richardson-We Gon’ Love Tonite, Paris Toon/MFC-Sick ft CeCe Peniston, Dave Tolliver-Home, Monica Monet-Slow Jam, Morris Alan-Ready For Love, Twin Spirit-Naked, D’Maurice &Armageddon-Hear My Cry, Promise Marks-Whatever Happened and closing out with Randy Gill-Marry Me

Lady Flava Meets Tribute To The Temptations in Las Vegas


An opportunity came for me to go to Las Vegas and see the group,  “Tribute To The Temptations” and I was determined to make it happen.  Arriving on Thursday, June 5th from Seattle to a heat that I was not used to, took this Pacific Northwest girl out of commission for the first night but to recover fine the following day.   Meeting up with my business partner of 2.5 years,  Marc VanClaggett who is a member of this amazing “Tribute To The Temptations” group was a great experience since most of our business is done by phone and internet.  He is on tour year around traveling with this musical brothers to places, I can only dream of.

While in Vegas we attend the show for Smokey Robinson’s group,  “Human Nature” at The Venetian where my cousin, known as “Funky Z” plays the Bass for this amazing group.  We were definitely treated to a great show of musical memories from Motown.  Of course I enjoyed this evening but my purpose was to come to Vegas for the “Tribute To The Temptations.”  I had only seen the online videos and had told Marc that on my “bucket list” was to one day see the group perform LIVE.  Well, that day came sooner than I had anticipated and trust and believe I was not disappointed at all.

Saturday, June 7th we arrived at the event location, “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” for rehearsal and sound check.  I wanted the full experience from start to finish.   Stepping through the doors of this venue I felt the magic just by seeing the decor and set up.  It was so beautiful and classy.

Viva Las Vegas Event Center

 Meeting all the members,  Chester, Sonny, Shevel and Don was a pleasure along with Doug who set up the gig for them to perform in Vegas.   At first the Members were the only ones that had arrived, so they proceeded to do their sound check and warm up before the musicians showed up.   Shortly after the musicians started arriving and it was on.

 Rehersal/Sound Check

This is when I had a first hand experience in the professionalism of this group.  They trained the musicians in just a matter of a few hours how they wanted their music to be played.

Audience for Tribute To The Temptations

7pm the doors opened for business at “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and the venue and staff was ready to receive what turned out to be a packed house.  They even had to turn people away at the door because they were at capacity.  This was a first for me to be a witness to.  It was a mature crowd.  Many appeared to know each other and greet one another with smiles, hand shakes and hugs.  Strangers sat together sharing a table, but join in as one as they all enjoyed being in this space for the experience of, “Tribute To The Temptations.”  We were taken down memory lane with music from one of Motown’s greatest groups!

Ron Decar, Owner of Viva Las Vegas Event Center

9pm Ron Decar took the stage in his tuxedo as the Owner of  “Viva Las Vegas Event Center” and Host for the evening. The house was packed, the staff attentive to the guests needs and the show was on as he introduces, “Tribute To The Temptations”

Tribute To The Temptations in Vegas

Opening up with “Superstar” brought a high energy to the atmosphere that never came down until way after the show ended.  Taking us on a  musical journey of the greatest hits by “The Temptations,” such as:

“Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone”

“Don’t Let The Jones Get You Down”

“My Baby”

“Ball Of Confusion”

As the evening came to an end, I had the opportunity to sit back and witness the crowd wanting to hang out longer to meet and greet the gentlemen and take pictures.  Several said that they needed to come back to Vegas to do a regular gig, that that was what Vegas was missing, good black entertainment.  From being entertained by the”Tribute To The Temptations” to the crowd,  the venues staff,  the owner, Ron and promoter, Doug…this night was a great success.

It had been 13 years since “Tribute To The Temptations” has performed in Vegas, a place they got their start and call home.  Let me tell you, they were well received.

This was why I came to Vegas, to fulfill my one of the things on my “bucket list,”  seeing “Tribute To The Temptations” perform LIVE.  It was a night to remember for me, but I sense that I am not the only one.

If you ever have the opportunity to see them perform, take advantage of it…you will not be disappointed.  I am crossing my fingers that they land a gig in Vegas and can wow the crowds from near and far with their musical magic.

I first want to thank my business partner, Marc VanClaggett for inviting me to Vegas for this amazing experience and to the “Tribute To The Temptations” for not disappointing.  Thank you for your hospitality Las Vegas, I will be back and better prepared for the heat…LOL

To find out more about, “Tribute To The Temptations” go to:

Lady Flava

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Seattle, WA

Morning Coffee with Flava 06/11 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts

Morning Coffee with Flava 06/11 by FlavaMarlexRadio | Radio Podcasts.


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