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As an Empath, I start to think that I experience ART differently than most people. I look at the presentation, I hear the sounds and how they blend, I pay attention to the visual, the space, the reaction from myself and possibly others. How it makes me feel really matter…the experience is the whole deal for me.

When I see or hear Art at times as if I can possibly feel where the creator was coming from or intentions…authenticity or conformity.

I get feelings as I watch Creative SoulZ online and I’m person. I sense I can feel where their energy is, if theirs health concerns (mind-body-spirit), if the are creating from their authentic self or what they believe what people will want.

I believe that I can sense a struggle or excitement of where a Creative Soul is as the Present in front of people in person or online. I feel I when someone is doing something for the money and not because it’s what they want to be apart of.

I do believe that especially here in Vegas that if the right kind of money is offered, we would get a whole different experience from a performance. I believe that they would be enthusiastic about promoting and show a sense of pride.

Sometimes, in having conversations with others…I wonder why they talk about an event differently than I, beyond people simply being different in taste and what captures their attention…

I had to remind myself that I am an Empath and experience life differently, so why would I not experience ART differently.

Now that I have come to this new self revelation, I embrace how I experience Arts & Entertainment and choose now BLOG and VLOG with my Authenticity and Honesty with respect.

The Power of 60+

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Facebook Forces Name Change

Facebook Forces Name Change

Going on 7 years ago, Facebook forced my name to be changed from Lady Flava to my birth name, Susan Koshi. I went around and around with them on proving my business name, business card, website and all, what mattered to them was the name on my driver’s license. Yep, Susan Koshi…I have a personal Susan Koshi page which is for the people in my life that have known me as Susan…Family, friends, school mates, church family, neighborhood folk and so on.

Now, to be on Facebook as Susan Koshi when my Industry Name and Brand was Lady Flava…slowly at first my brand drifted away. And I will be honest, this hurt my soul…The connection to Creative SoulZ lessened and I felt like I was craving to be acknowledged as Lady Flava who’s Purpose and Passion is Supporting Creative SoulZ.

With my move to Vegas and my name change on Facebook, more and more people call me Susan when they see me out at a show. It felt like a stab in my heart (I know that sounds dramatic.) I want to tell everyone, please call me “Lady Flava,” but I just smile and greet them in return. Yet, the frustration was present in my soul, what happened to being recognized as Lady Flava?

I had a conversation with someone, I don’t even remember who it was, but they say, “at least the are calling you something.” 🥸. Was that true, I guess my presence was being acknowledged, right?

I have pondered and ponder over this for years and had conversations over and over too. With no real resolve what makes sense to my comfort zone.

My day job took over my life along with Covid. Less and less I felt like Lady Flava and Susan was fully present with remnants of Lady Flava hanging in there. My job drains me, as I work at a rehab hospital with so many personalities and energies coming at me 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The challenges of the life of an Empath is my life… So, I live life as Susan, craving the life of Lady Flava… Yes, two different personalities in a way 🤔

How important is your Brand Name to you?

For me, being identified as Lady Flava in association to my Brand as been so important since Facebook forced my name change. And I saw the dwindling of connections to creative soulz becoming nonexistent (that’s not true, but drastically less.)

Does the change in my name and industry lessen my purpose?

I would love for you to chime in with your thoughts on this. 😊

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Did You Know What’s Happening in Vegas…There is Much More

There is much more to Vegas than I realized. Check it Out! 😁

Being a person who lives in Vegas, people in Vegas and those who are coming to Vegas, ask me, “What’s Happening in Vegas this week, this weekend or when I come.” If you live in Vegas, has anyone ever asked you too?

I did some research to see if there was sources to find out what was happening in Off Strip Black Events. I googled, and found nothing. So I started to go through the different social medias that I am apart of. I became excited to see there was much more to Black Events in Vegas than I realized. I talked to an industry colleague about my thoughts and was encouraged to do it.

As, I was drawn to the challenge of exploration on what I would find…I saved fliers and uploaded them to my “What’s Happening in Vegas” calendar page on Lady Flava News. This is fun for me. I began advertising the page and offering to post events if someone wanted to email it to me.

I have come across events that I wanted to explore. Events that I would never have known about if I had never chosen to take on this self designed project 😁

Now, I invite you to explore what’s happening in Black Events (People of Color) in Vegas.

What’s Happening in Las Vegas?
Lady Flava News http://www.flavanews.com

If you would like for your event to be listed, send your flyer to: ladyflavanews@gmail.com

Subject Line: Vegas Event Calendar

I post this page out to my different social media’s. https://flavanews.com/whats-happening-in-las-vegas/

lasvegasevents #blackevents #vegasevents #whatshappeninginvegas #ladyflavanews #eventcalendar Try Something Different

I invite you to share if you are in Vegas or coming to Vegas 😁

ladyflava of #ladyflavanews #lasvegas

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Melanin Market Las Vegas 12/5/21 at Kev Love’s Music Hall & Events

Melanin Market Las Vegas at Kev Love’s Music Hall

I came across this flyer on Instagram and decided to save it and post it here on Lady Flava News, “What’s Happening in Vegas” Calendar Page. Since I had to go into work for a few hours on Sunday 12/5/21 and this location was close to my job, I decided to stop by. And I’m glad I did.

Top Left- Tribal Exchange Global LLC
Top Right- Glow Natural Beauty
Bottom Left- Smash Designz
Bottom Right- Davida Hand Craft Soap
Sunshine’s Touch Wild Crafted Sea Moss (I failed to take a picture, so I borrowed this from a previous event)

I purchased the items below from the businesses above. I love meeting warm informative business owners who engage me and tell me about their products and the 5 business owners did not disappoint. Trust me if I had a larger budget to spend, I would have purchased from more businesses…Next time, I’ll be back 😉

My purchases 😁

The Zodiac Cancer Candles I purchased from Smash Designz has my living room and bedroom smelling wonderful. I tried the bar of soap this morning in the shower, made by Davida Hand Craft Soap that I won at the “Spin The Wheel” and I loved the smell and how it moistened my skin. I also purchased body scrub, which I am looking forward to trying out.

I have not tried the Palm Kernel Oil & Neem tea leaves yet, both have natural healing capabilities and I’m all for that. I’m into natural, organic, holistic ways of life and healing. I purchased a Luxurious Lavender Bar Soap and Rosie’s Love Bar Soap from Glow Natural Beauty and received a gift of body butter. I also, decided to get some Mango Sea Moss from Sunshine’s Touch Wild Crafter Sea Moss.

I stopped by and talked to Loaves by B. She is very sweet but did not try to sell me on anything…besides the back I am trying to stay away from baked goods…but I’m not going to lie, she could have possibly talked me into a sale. I talked to Lil Momma’s Things and the have beautiful hand crafted wreaths out of ribbon. They do custom wreaths, so I may take her up on making me a leopard print wreath 😁

I was glad I found this flyer on Instagram and stopped by to get a taste of the creative flava of Melanin Market Las Vegas. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook for sure. Follow them to find out where they will be Poppin’ up next.

Here is my Facebook Live video that I did when I got home 😁 https://youtu.be/2EP_wiqbchM

If you want to see your people thrive, step up and support them. ~Lady Flava~

Melanin Market Las Vegas

9 Flava Snaps

Kev Love’s Music Hall is a nice space for an event. Lots of parking and easy to find.

The only criticism I would have is that it’s on the second floor and I did not see a handicap accessible elevator…it does not me there wasn’t one, I just didn’t see.

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Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service

Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service They Handle Business

Last Saturday 11/27/21 I was out running errands and luck on several choices of people set up to wash cars in the large parking lot outside of Burlington on W Craig Rd in North Las Vegas.

I made my choice, ran to the bank across the street and came back to settle on the curb even though I was offered a chair. Mike clearly is the man in charge, giving instructions to 3 other young men as they began cleaning my Hooptie Poopsie inside and out.

My Hooptie Poopsie is my 21 year old Baby Ford Taurus Station Wagon who brought me from Seattle to Vegas in May of 2017. She has been a wonderful car with very little mechanical issues, with regular maintenance. Well, I have neglected her. A couple of years ago I drove her through a car was and her driver side mirror came off. Luckily one of the works had an electric drill and screws and put it back on for me. Ever since, I have not taken to to a car wash since. When I run into someone washing cars and I have time I stop, but this past year I hate to admit I have had her washed. That’s not right on my part.

So I was blessed to run into these young men. They handled their business so professionally and thoroughly. Poopsie left with smiling rims and smelling good. What I was quoted was way under what they provided, so of course I had to give them more. There was also a youngster helping so I made sure this cutie made some money too.

My rims have never been so clean!

I nice touch and surprise.

If you are in North Las Vegas, I highly recommend hooking up of Mike & Friends at Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service… Tell them that Lady Flava highly recommended them.

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10 Flava Snaps for

Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service


I would like to open up the opportunity to all Artists, Creative SoulZ, Crafters, Designers, Promoters, Small Businesses to send me your Audio Promotions…Authors send a Excerpt from your books you are selling…Events you are Hosting…Promos for Your Product, Project and or Services…Let me help you spread the word 😊

Also, it’s The Holidays, so send a Holiday Greeting for me to share. 🎄🌟🎄🌟🎄 You can send me Holiday Music 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

And if you love what I do, I would love for you to create a radio drop for my shows.

Let’s Do This!

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Did I Age Out as A Supporter of Creative SoulZ?

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