Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service

Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service They Handle Business

Last Saturday 11/27/21 I was out running errands and luck on several choices of people set up to wash cars in the large parking lot outside of Burlington on W Craig Rd in North Las Vegas.

I made my choice, ran to the bank across the street and came back to settle on the curb even though I was offered a chair. Mike clearly is the man in charge, giving instructions to 3 other young men as they began cleaning my Hooptie Poopsie inside and out.

My Hooptie Poopsie is my 21 year old Baby Ford Taurus Station Wagon who brought me from Seattle to Vegas in May of 2017. She has been a wonderful car with very little mechanical issues, with regular maintenance. Well, I have neglected her. A couple of years ago I drove her through a car was and her driver side mirror came off. Luckily one of the works had an electric drill and screws and put it back on for me. Ever since, I have not taken to to a car wash since. When I run into someone washing cars and I have time I stop, but this past year I hate to admit I have had her washed. That’s not right on my part.

So I was blessed to run into these young men. They handled their business so professionally and thoroughly. Poopsie left with smiling rims and smelling good. What I was quoted was way under what they provided, so of course I had to give them more. There was also a youngster helping so I made sure this cutie made some money too.

My rims have never been so clean!

I nice touch and surprise.

If you are in North Las Vegas, I highly recommend hooking up of Mike & Friends at Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service… Tell them that Lady Flava highly recommended them.

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Top Priority 702 Mobile Detailing Service

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