New Release Black Stax “CLICK BATE” 6/21/22

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WorldWide Release June 21, 2022

Video by Connor Mac Studios

Music Produced by G.Fields

Featuring J.Hicks & Bro. Ahmad


LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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We’ve Been Waitin’ For You Jesse!

Gallery-55Messengers come in all forms, faces and places but who are you willing to listen to?  It appears that many of us are followers and wait for a known name to step up and speak the truth, than to get behind our neighbors and the faces we socialize with in person and online.  We have messengers all around us and maybe, just maybe you are one of them.

In 2009 I was introduced to a local group know as Black Stax.  At that time there was 3, the emcees know as Silas Blak and Jace ECAj also known as Silent Lambs Project joining their shared voices with the soulful jazzy flava of Felicia Loud…Although Silas Blak chose to leave the group, the foundation was already built and the connection between Felicia Loud and Jace ECAj unfolded before our very eyes, ears, smell and touch without the realization of, not missing a purposeful beat.

The duo and I have become very close and especially Jace and I speak on a regular basis, at times with Felicia when her schedule allows.  I have come to know them, I have come to respect what moves them and to listen.  It is never just a simple conversation, with layers and depth, at times it may start out tough but always ends with strength and grace…Always Always with #ForwardMovement, Jace ECAj signature saying.  I stand before you today and always, saying as well as claiming, #IAmBlackStax

13124830_10209449902233262_1313836878564170592_n (1)

I say all of this, to say…Black Stax knows that their purpose goes beyond the music and being performers of words and sound…They take their position and responsibility serious that it is not just adults that watch them but the children along with our elders.  There is a message in every song…Maybe first you feel the vibe of the beat and the cadence of Jace ECAj setting the tone, with Felicia Loud taking you outside of yourself with the highs and lows through octaves, pulling at your life’s soul.  Again, it goes beyond the music…It is about Family First, It is about Community and being apart of movements that build than tear down.  They are teachers, mentors, life builders and lovers of unity.

Listen to the messages of Black Stax!

Watch the Official Video of “99” by Black Stax

Watch Black Stax’s NEW Video “Loyalty is Royalty”



Jesse Williams Speech at the BET 2016 Humanitarian Award
Jesse Williams presented a speech that people around the world heard with a reaction. The majority in the audience appeared to be on board with what he was saying and people watching on TV have had a variety of reactions on what was experienced at this historical event.  Those that I know applauded this new messenger who is in the media spotlight…He came direct and to the point with no sugar coating or making excuses.  He did not deny who his mother is, a white woman and how he was raised by proud parents that afforded him a foundation of truthful understanding of reality.  He takes his position in the spotlight as his responsibility to be one of many that stands up for people’s rights and for the rights of Black  America.  He did not put the sole blame on the “majority” (white people) but on all black communities to unite, honor and respect each other.   He pushes for those to sit down and to be quiet, if they do not want to stand up, listen, understand and be apart of the solution to end the continued escalation of oppression in the 21st century.
I personally, will be watching and listening for what Jesse Williams has to share, but I will continue to applaud my family, Black Stax for for being a messaging force in the Pacific Northwest through Hip Hop, Song and Presence.
Celebrate the Messengers of your Families, Community, Churches, Towns and Cities…We have many unsung heroes that deserve recognition and support to further their mission and purpose.
I write this with respect and appreciation of Black Stax of Seattle, WA and Jesse Williams. The few can make a difference but with YOU, we can accomplish much more!
Lady Flava
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Seattle, WA

Seattle’s All Hip Hop Festival “Dope Emporium” at Northwest Folklife Festival

Dope Emporium 2015

What’s the definition of Hip Hop?

  • Hip Hop Culture is a cultural movement that formed during the late 1960s among African American youths residing in the South Bronx in New York City. It is characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: rap music (oral), turntablism or “DJing” (aural), b-boying (physical) and graffiti art(visual). Even while it continues to develop globally in myriad styles, these four foundational elements provide coherence to hip hop culture.

I started this blog out with the definition that I found on google as to what is Hip Hop. Over the years that I have been involved in the Seattle Arts Scene to moving across the globe since 2009, you can tell who lives the essence of the foundation of Hip Hop, to those that have stretched the boundaries of the Culture and more so defining it by a genre that has moved outside the original box of what was once know as a Conscious Art Form of Expression.

Dope Emporium was found in 2005 by Jace ECAj who was the Facilitator of a collective of representatives from a variety of established people in the Seattle Hip Hop scene.  The purpose was to bring the “clicks” of separate Hip Hop Families into a united space and time where Unity of the Art & Culture was celebrated and respected. Hence Dope Emporium was established.  I have heard the stories and read the articles of the beginnings.  Even for me many years after the fact of the birth of Dope Emporium, I have formed my own feeling of it’s greatness.

In 2010, I had the opportunity to be involved with Dope Emporium at Washington Hall.  I loved the process of meeting people from the Hip Hop Community in our city of Seattle, to hearing their thoughts and then formulating the movement to bringing this day into existence.  I started my part out in interviewing artist on my radio show, LIVE at Washington Hall and playing local hip hop on my radio station that day.  The buzz was amazing as the time came for the festival to begin…I staked out my spot up in the balcony, watching it all unfold and it was amazing…Hip Hop and Dope Emporium did unite people that day…An authentic and organic movement filled this large space with a variety of people from all walks of life and age groups, with their own culture that added to the flava of the day.

  • This weekend our City’s famed festival, that is known as Northwest Folklife Festival is housing UTAE Presents Seattle’s All Hip Hop Festival, Dope Emporium at The EMP Museum on Sunday, May 24th 3-5pm.  A nice mixture of talents will be hitting the stage with the hopes to entertain you and enlighten your spirit.
  • Dope Emporium was created in 2005 to united the variety of Seattle Hip Hop Communities, to provide strength in numbers in supporting the establishment of a Real Hip Hop Scene in the Pacific Northwest.  To Support and Educate the surrounding communities in what Unity looks like and how the power of the words and action can make all the difference for oneself, family, youth and again, community through embracing and respecting this Life Art Form, we call Hip Hop.

Dope Emporium still exists 10 years later and YOU can be apart of this solid Hip Hop Scene and help play a role in turning Seattle’s Hip Hop scene into a viable industry!

  • Come out with your family and friends to show your support of Seattle’s All Hip Hop Festival, DOPE EMPORIUM at NORTHWEST FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL this weekend.
  • Saturday, May 24th 3-5pm at EMP Museum.

Northwest Folklife Festival 2015

Lady Flava

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UTAE = Unity Through Arts Exchange


Black Stax LIVE at The Triple Door is NOW Available on iTunes

BlackStax_LiveCover (Expanded)-04

On July 30, 2013 we hosted a private album release party at Lucid Lounge in the U District here in Seattle, WA. It was a wonderful intimate crowd that truly came to share in this experience along with show their true support for Black Stax.

Shortly after the album release took place we sold out of hard copies of “Black Stax LIVE at The Triple Door” We are so excited to announce that this amazing album is finally available online at:

Black Stax Live at The Triple Door is an album that was recorded at a show that Black Stax did at The Triple Door-Seattle that took place on May 23, 2013. This event was a fundraiser called “STEM + ART” for a special school that is called TAF Academy (Technology Access Foundation).  This night was magical in itself with the diversity of the audience to the blend of sounds starting out with Sistah Luv, Duane Knox, Orustus Petty and musicians to Sistah Luv joining Black Stax along with the band Klyntel and Dj Sean Malik.  The host of this evening was Ellis Montgomery.   We knew that this show was being recorded but had no clue how well it would turn out and that we will be able to take that night in audio recording to share with the world.

Black Stax would like to thank all that participate in this night, again Sistah Luv, Duane Knox, Orutus Petty, Musicians: Dan Roach on Bass/Herbert Owens on Guitar/Lyndsy Reid on Drums and Curtis Seals on Keys…Felicia Loud from Black also join this collective on stage for a piece.  We want to thank Klyntel: Derrick Lockhart, Marvin Shields Junior, Walter Finch, Curtis Seals & Ivan Payne. We need to thank DJ Sean Malik for his role in Djing the show and helping to produce this final product for you to hear.  Ebony Arunga was the stage manager for this evening and she held it all together, creating the perfect flow of production to support of the artists and needs of the stage.  We want to thank Katoya Palmer of Toy Box Consulting for her support along with everyone else that made this night a great experience for everyone.

Black Stax did this to support TAF and in the end this produce the tools to allow it to live on. Thank you TAF for allowing this great opportunity for Black Stax to be apart of your mission.

GET YOUR COPY ONLINE TODAY AND HELP BLACK STAX SPREAD THE WORD. Artist live off of their hard work and creations. If you love it support it!

Stay updated on everything Black Stax at:


~Lady Flava of Flava News~

Black Stax Representative

A Gift of Music From Us To You

FNRadio Artist Promo copy

Flava News Artist Family would like to thank all of you for your support of our music.  Please enjoy a FREE Download of our music.  Continue to support the music and keep spreading the word!

Thank You!

 Black Stax, Marc VanClaggett, Monica Monet & Lady Flava of Flava News


Black Stax “They Want Me LIVE at The Triple Door”

Marc Vanclaggett “I’ll Be There For You”

Monica Monet “Love Changes”

Flava News


“They Want Me” by Black Stax LIVE at The Triple Door


For Immediate Release

Seattle,WA/ July 9, 2013- Black Stax releases their latest work in the form of a LIVE album on July 23, 2013.

From the debut album, ‘Talking Buildings’ , to the first installment of the Producer Series, ‘High Rhyme Smoking Jackets’ produced by Rob Castro. To now, their newest release, ‘Black Stax LIVE at the Triple Door’. Black Stax gets a chance to showcase their skills over live instrumentation.

This project comes from the work with TAF (Technology Access Foundation), STEM+Art event held in Seattle, Wa at the famed Triple Door on May 23rd, 2013. Black Stax works with a 5-piece band, Klyntel, DJ Sean Malik and background vocals from LaTanya Horace. All this comes together as they flex over soul , rock-n-roll , blues , jazz , reggae , African drum and Hip-Hop. The experience and fullness of this performance should open the eyes and ears of those who just love ‘good’ music. And, always wanted to know what a Black Stax live show consist of.

Here is the single from the live album, ‘They want Me’. Its time for Black Stax to flex their muscle and show the World that they can ‘Get Stronger’!!

Take a listen, download and share!

Talking Buildings Some Live Within and Some Live Without…Black Stax


Silent Lambs Project-Jace ECAj and Silas Blak

I didn’t know SL back in the day, but I know them today and have chosen to educate myself on their sound as I desire to understand their passion for Hip Hop.  The passion and respect is felt when you engage them in conversation about who they are, why they stay true to this art form of storytelling, cadence and beats, that for some feel it is known to be a lost art form…Nonconformity rings true, as at times these two Pacific Northwest West MC’s are misinterpreted or misunderstood as they stand strong on their values of what is right when it comes to respect amongst those that claim unity within the Hip Hop community.  Today I know them as Silas Blak & Jace ECAj, the MC’s of Black Stax but still known as Silent Lambs Project.

They humor me at times as I share my thoughts and ask questions since I did not come up as a Hip Hop Head but am so intrigued by this art form and culture.  Their kindness and patience warms my heart as they explain, give examples and share their personal stories to help with my education and understanding of Hip Hop.

Yirim Yiddim Seck, Jawaan LaRue and Mike Mack & Harlem were other local influences as to my initiation into Hip Hop of the Pacific Northwest and honestly anywhere.  Yes, to be honest Black Stax along with the artists I just listed have a big influence as to the kind of Hip Hop sound I love and about I have come to understand of Hip Hop.

I find Hip Hop to be so very controversial, with a variety of sounds and styles within it’s own.   Some would say it is Self Expression of their life and surroundings to those that would say that it is selling out to what the mass media says is selling and needs to be created, Gimmick Rap.  It is said that this is what has led to the dumbing down of this art form and culture, with an attempt to create it’s own culture, Rap.  I joke on my radio show that I am going to come up with my own term for the variations of Hip Hop…lol

Yes, I am known to be opinionated about Hip Hop…questioning the commitment to quality creations and authenticity of sound.  In my opinion, there are too many creative souls wanting to be a MC or Rapper blurring the two in the mix,  in the end causing confusion as to what is True Hip Hop.  Yet, I will admit that many of the genres these days have taken on variations along the way.

Maybe it is my age and up bringing that draws me to the sounds of the evolution of Silent Lambs Project as they marry their lyrical flow with the soulful sounds of Miss Felicia Loud, adding the musical cadence and jazziful flava from trumpeter, Owuor Arunga.  Today this collaboration, collective is known as Black Stax who was formed in 2009.  Black Stax has taken on a new feel, as the merge the combinations of genres as they blend their way in and out of playing their role and respecting the sense and need of the experience for self and others to hear and feel.  You may wonder what I was just trying to say.  You know how when you are in the kitchen cooking and you deviate from the recipe but the taste is just perfect…Black Stax does this on a regular, if you have ever had the opportunity to see them perform LIVE.  You may fall in love with their sound on a CD or, Mp3 downloads,  but to experience them in person…each show is different, even if they perform the same tracks the feel is always different with special seasonings added.  I tell them all the time, that it is clear to me that they play off their own energy and the energy of the audience that gives the feel and experience a sense of newness.

As the doors open up for Black Stax…a sense of excitement is felt when you now experience them performing with the master musicians known as Klyntel with Derrick Lockhart on percussion, Marvin Shields Jr on bass, Walter Finch on guitar, Curtis Seals on keys and Ivan Payne on drums,  it takes the experience to a whole new level as we experienced at “The Family Affair Event” at the Hard Rock Cafe and STEM + ART Event at  The Triple Door.  I don’t know if the two separate groups even realized before hand how they would create magic together those nights.  With the blend of Hip Hop, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Funk in one piece,  opens up the doors for all of these artists to cross over into and in front of other audiences that have not experienced their sound separately.  I don’t know for fact, but I sense that there will be more collaborations coming between Black Stax and Klyntel in the future.

Black Stax opened my eyes to a new genre, culture and lifestyle that has challenged me and drawn me in, wanting to understand and respect what is known as Classic Hip Hop.

Black Stax are being played on stations around the globe and have been written up in a variety of media publication such as the latest, a feature in XXL Magazine’s article Black Stax is listed amongst the “The New New: 15 Seattle Rappers You Should Know” May 23rd, ’13 • by Dan Buyanovsky:

Of course all that I say in this blog, on my radio shows or in person is my opinion and feelings I have about Black Stax…but I have not ever met such amazing, talented, family oriented, community based and loyal people.  Black Stax does  not conform and I think that is where people choose to have negative things to say and share.  At times it feels that people do not respect and believe that SL and Felicia Loud are truly connected and are Black Stax even though all can perform and have performed as individual artists, such as Owuor Arunga traveling and touring presently with Macklemore.  They are still HERE!  Black Stax as not gone anywhere and have not drift away to be a memory of the past,  but to be known nationally and internationally as a Classic Hip Hop Soul creative unit,  creating new and refreshing recipes that have a relevance for the new and old listeners of their sound.  Along with opening the doors to draw in those,  such as myself that is new to this art form called Hip Hop Soul.

Seattle has so many exciting, talented and deserving artists that first deserve recognition from their home here in the Pacific Northwest to then being deserving of the masses experiencing them across the states and nations.  For me, I am proud to be apart of Black Stax team and family who plays a role in gaining what I feel is deserving recognition and respect.  Sometimes, I question what I do in supporting artists and then I have a conversation with one,  if not all of my Black Stax family and through their love and support of me as Lady Flava,  it makes sense all over again.  We reinvent the wheel of what we do.

I thank you Black Stax for who you were yesterday, who you are today and who you will become in the future and I am blessed to be on this journey with you at this point in your musical career.  “I Love My Life”


Black Stax with Klyntel, Sistah Luv at STEM+ART at The Triple Door

To find out more about Black Stax at:


Lady Flava of Flava News

Artists Advocate, Mentor, Promoter and Cheerleader

Seattle, WA

Black Stax Showcases Their Talents & Support at STEM+ART at The Triple Door on May 23. 2013


I speak on the subject pretty frequently how influential artists can be in how we experience life and what they can bring to the table of universal change. Black Stax is such a group. Since I became involved with Black Stax in 2009, I have come to know how important, family, youth, education, community and doing what is right means to this collective as a group and as individuals.

On Thursday, May 23, 2013 Black Stax, Klyntel along with a few special surprise come together to showcase their talents for you as we step up to raise some money to the support the education of youth at TAF Academy in Federal Way, WA which focus is to serve and educate minority children in specialty areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Black Stax has spent time at TAF as they shared their talents and voice for and with the students of this great school.


To find out more about TAF, go to: You can also make an online donation to TAF at:

During STEM+ART you will also experience the work of painter/visual artist, Tony Taj ( along with art work from students of TAF Academy.

This is a night that we encourage to join in on the celebration…Families, Friends and Community.

You can purchase your tickets online at The Triple Doors sight: Or send a message to Lady Flava at: or Black Stax at: to meet up to buy your tickets.

Step up and join us in making a difference for our future, our youth.

To find out more about Black Stax, go to:

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Breaking BS

Breaking BS on Flava News Radio….Friday, February 22nd at 2pm PST/4pm CST/5pm EST Tune in to hear “1 New Track” by Black Stax…Seattle’s Hip Hop Soul.

Tune into:
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Breaking BS is Sponsored by Black Stax

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