Day 23 in The Pool in Vegas

Once the pool opened here where I live I told myself that I had to push myself to come out here and get my water exercise in and the have.

The pool has been closed for 2 years during the Pandemic and then needed repairs before they could reopen.

This pool is not an ideal water experience after being soiled by the pool where I used to live on the other side of town…I’m still grateful to have a pool to get into.

Over the Pandemic, I’ve learned to go with the flow. Learning to not get stuck in a certain routine or having expectations. So I get in the pool when time permits, the weather permits and my body says Yes. My schedule with work or the weekends have not been consistent. The weather has gone from over 100 degrees to low 90’s or even mid 80’s…I still push to get in. I’ve had to pass due to the temps being too high and the one time I tried, I got sick or when monsoons hit and the storm of course stopped my pool time.

I don’t know how much longer I will be able to get in the pool before it gets too cold or they close it for the Fall/Winter. I honestly have started to price wetsuits…I’m not sure if I would go that far with my water exercise…lol

My goal is to transition into the residential gym where I live when it gets too cold. There is an indoor spa too. I am commitment to keep some form of exercise going through the winter.

But pushing myself to create this routine has made me proud. It has shown me I can and will do it if I put my mind to it.

I post publicly about it, to make me feel like I am accountable to others…Plus I hope to encourage others in the Creative Community and just people in general to get moving. To take care of their health, starting today.

The other thing about my pool time, it brings me peace. It really is a stress releaser. After a hard day at work, or finding out I need a new transmission for my car…I get in the pool and let that time push all the stress aside.

Find your reason to get moving and to be mindful of your health. Start a healthy routine before your health crisis forces you to make a change. We need to take care of ourselves…Mind-Body-Spirit 🙏

You matter, we matter…we can do this together.

Let me know your story and plan of action.

Share your step up for your health and wellness.

God Bless You…Won’t You Join Me.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

To My Arts & Entertainment Friends…Be Healthy

I think about health and wellness all the time. I think about it a lot since I have been in Vegas and have experienced several people in the Entertainment Community who have health concerns.

I am no expert on health and looking at me you may not be aware that I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. But I do, water is my drink of choice or herbal tea, 30-60 minutes of exercise (right now in the pool), fruits & veggies, prayer & meditation, 7-8 hours of sleep…I set boundaries with people and drama. Yes, I am still heavy so possibly it’s a hormonal imbalance, it’s not my thyroid…I will get this figured out.

I just want to encourage you to establish a healthy lifestyle. You should always present us with your best when we experience you. And if you are not healthy, you cannot give us your best.

Take Care of You!

I’m working on taking care of me 😁

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Wanting to encourage you because I care 🙏

I Speak My Truth

I was raised by people who had honest conversations. People who pulled our coattails when we were doing wrong or needed to understand something.

I was having this conversation with my god-sister this morning. I went over a situation that happened in high school when I spoke my truth on something I was witnessing from a person who was my friend and I cared very much about. The outcome was not positive. Should I have held my tongue? I think not…

As a person who has been in the Arts & Entertainment Industry since 2004 but officially as a business since 2007. I’ve witnessed a lot of approaches in artists try to level up and grow in who they are as a creative person. Somethings worked and other things didn’t.

You could tell who had the heart and determination and who were doing it for fun.

The independent artist scene appears to be different than the independent entertainer scene. But both can benefit from utilizing professional tools and approaches to what they do.

Independent Artists are more receptive to honest feedback on a whole. Where independent entertainers not so much. The hustle is different and how they obtain opportunities in some ways.

Independent Artists it’s in show and prove.

Independent Entertainers it’s in who you know and who is willing to help you land a gig.

Both can benefit from honest feedback.

I am a person who wants to hear valuable feedback. I may not like it, but trust me I’m will think on it and determine wither I need to make changes based on what was expressed to me.

I want better for others and only share if someone matters to me. This is my character and I believe I do it respectfully. If I’ve go in a direction of being rude, I’m pretty much done with dealing with a person and I’m working towards walking away from playing a roll.

To grow in who you are and what you are doing, you should want honest feedback.

I came into to industry as a book review and music reviewer. I’ve had mentors who educated me on the art of writing, visual arts and music arrangement and clarity. I chose to constantly learn in my area of interest, so can better serve creative soulz.

I recently read a book by someone that I know and have respect for in his music presence. The book was so poorly written and I shared my concerns with a colleague. I was advised not to write the review because people would not be happy with me. That was crazy, but I did understand the warning and I did not write the review. This is a person that I could not even privately give my feedback because it would not be understood or received well. 🥸

The Power of 60+

Redirect my approach or non approach to giving feedback.

I will save speaking my truth in my blogs and vlogs.

It’s not always necessary to share your truth for the betterment of someone else. It’s sad but feels true. Learning to be selective when sharing my truthful opinion.

The Art of Silence!

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts 😁

Yes, I Became Irritated

The past 6 months or so, I was listening to what appeared to be the desires of some peoplepeople that matter to me. I identified what I can do or what can I create to help their circumstances.

I listen and feel the needs of others as an Empath. This doesn’t always work out for me in a healthy way. I am one who will step up and create the tools needed or create promotions and do the promoting on social medias. I will put in work.

This is my character to want to help. What I have found is I misread circumstances. If I would have taken the time to pay attention to what action they are willing to put into themselves, that is the tell all. Does the person understand the steps as they enter into creating a project for sale… another who’s style of promoting is not for everyone and has nothing to do with their audience.

I stepped up to help and then realized that the information that I shared was like I was speaking a foreign language. Why is this? This baffles me. I have created professional tools for them to use and they don’t use them. What I have to understand and accept that some have no desire to understand the ways of growing what you need in 2022. Being stuck in how it was done one upon a time doesn’t necessarily work today. Along with not wanting to level up their presentation when connecting with potential opportunities. I have to step aside in silence.

I chose to keep doing what I was doing. At first it was because I believe in them and what they do. Second because I enjoy doing what I do for others. Third was because it helped to give exposure to LadyFlavaNews.

After having hard conversations with these wonderful talented people… I had to accept that our minds, abilities and willingness to learn, implement and new actions was not in the same page.

I said to myself, you can not force people to understand and take action that they find no value in. You also cannot create a hype on your own for someone who does not want to create a hype for themselves.

Now as we enter the Fall of 2022…I have to let go of this irritation/frustration. I have shared my truth with all of them from what I have witnessed from what the say and what they are doing or lack of what they are doing. Of course they did not like what I said. I am okay with that. I felt it was important to be honest, because all of these people matter to me.

But today, I can not carry on with irritating and frustrating conversations. I cannot feel responsible for others who don’t want what I have to offer. And I cannot fix the direction that someone takes without understanding what they are doing.

Once upon a time I could spend my time living life supporting creative soulz. Now I have a job that is demanding of my person and drains me during the week, so my time is limited of willingness and ability to assist creative soulz.

The power of 60+ tells me today is to Step Back and Learn to Be Silent. Let people do what they are going to do. And if they want my help, it’s going to be on my terms and will not disturb my peace.

Not everyone wants help…

I now understand this and accept it.

So I will share my knowledge in blogs and vlogs, as my sister said, “there are people who will value what you have to offer.”

I needed to come to this place in my life.

As Kevin back East said, Flava you are national and international…your following is not in Vegas. You have the ability to reach around the globe.”

Thank You God for this s Lesson.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

Let’s Talk About Business & Emails

This a short a to the point post on The Arts & Entertainment Industry Business Tools You need to have in place.

Professional Email



Fact Sheet





Get familiar with contracts

Your email address maybe where the communication stops. Being apart of hiring teams, I learned years ago that HR looks at one’s email address first. Second supposed work history and present day, employers are looking at social media.

So if this is the standards for a potential employer, do you suppose that this could be the same standards for potential opportunities in Creative Arena?

Those doing real business in The Arts & Entertainment Industry trust me present to their colleagues in a professional manner. When doing research from Googling, to watching YouTube videos and attending online workshops and seminars… A set standard across a variety of business industries is repeated, have a business email, a website that is current and a strong social media presence.

Let’s start with your Email Address and Subject Line.

Make sure your email represents your business or industry identity. Whatever the name that shows up when you email is the first identifier. Send what you put in the Subject Line is crucial. You might have to play with that…many times you have to email numerous times before you may capture the receivers attention. And I do mean, you may need to email numerous times. Depending on how many emails the receiver receives in a 24 hour period maybe outrageous, so timing could be key also. You might try sending your email at different times with different key words in the subject line.

When the receiver opens the email, what you present in the body is so important. It is said that they do not want to do a lot of reading, so this is what they want:

– A short PITCH..a statement of who you are and what you have to offer.

– A 3 minute video that shows your talent and style

– A link to your website and or EPK

– Have a clear quality picture that will grab the attention of the person reading your email.

– Make sure you have your phone number with your name. (Also make sure you have a professional sounding voicemail message if they go into your voicemail box.

Emails are a big selling point if you can get the recipient to open your email…This is where you quickly sell yourself.

Sharing Arts & Entertainment Industry Standards In Connecting With Potential Opportunities.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

I’m Comfortable In Saying No

At my age and with much self reflection, I’ve learned to become comfortable to saying NO or just not doing something that I don’t feel like doing.

I believe that many people do not understand the stress that I deal with on my job. When I get off I just need to sit and be quiet, to just breathe and let go of my day at work. Now that the pool is open, if it works out I will go to the pool and release my stressors out there.

The other thing about my job is I work on a computer all day and my eyes are tired by the time I get off. I don’t like driving with tired eyes. The other thing is, I am on the phone a lot so when I get home I talk every little on the phone.

I just don’t do things on a week night, especially Monday – Thursdays and pretty much Friday too. If I do go out, it will be a Saturday or Sunday.

So if I come out, I really want them be there and it’s after I have chilled out from my job.

I also will not say I like something, if I don’t. I know how to be encouraging even if it’s not my taste.

As a Empath, I experience life and creativity differently than most people…so I now guard my energy.

If I’m tired, I won’t come out. If I’ve had a hard day, I will not come out. I practice self care more and more. I know who’s good for my spirit and who’s not. I no longer force relationships or connections.

I have been famous with myself, in making excuses for people and wanting better for them…I am learning to step back from that too. I have to understand that some people don’t want to do the work to position themselves to level up.

The Power of 60+

This is a good place for me. I really am the only one I can depend on. I am a 1 person team. So I do things on my terms and when I feel like.

I am sure there are some people out there that don’t like my new approach or attitude. All I can do is control myself and those who are meant to connect with purpose will. I will no longer have uncomfortable conversations with those who clearly don’t want to learn from what I know. I no longer have the desire to push someone in a direction that they have no desire to go.

The shift is a good place to be and saying NO is more and more comfortable these days.

The Power of 60+

Lady Flava is evolving in a healthy way in all aspects of my life.

Sharing My Thoughts

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

The Right Conversation

I have an older sister, not by birth, but truly a blessing from God. I turn to her when I need sound advice, she is honest and thoughtful…something that has been apart of our lives with each other in over 30 years.

She hears me speak about my feelings about the Arts & Entertainment industry. The research and information that I have learned in the changes that have taken place in this challenging industry. So she knows my passion and commitment to creative soulz…I asked her why she thinks that they do not receive the information that I share… Big Sis reminded me that not everyone will receive the information that I want to share, but it does not mean that I shouldn’t share the information. She encouraged me to use my established platforms and just share. Those that are meant to come across what I have to share with find away to my platforms.

How many times do we become discouraged and then we just need to have the right conversation.

We talked for a lengthy amount of time and ended excited about we both want to do…allowing a safe place to share, to be heard, given resources and encouragement with someone to be accountable to in a loving way.

I hope you have someone in your life that you can have the right conversation with, even if it’s hard. I hope you have someone that believes in you and encourages what you passionately speak about.

It you don’t have that person in your life, there are great YouTube videos where you can find the message that you need to fuel your soul.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Sharing My Thoughts

Does Your Presentation Stunt Your Growth

Are you a business?

Small Business

Artist or Entertainer

Creative Soul

If you are a business or person(s) that is publicly doing something that requires the attention, support and monetary necessity to grow.

What’s your purpose and what do you have to offer others?

Know Who Your Audience Is and Who Is Paying Attention To You

Bring Value to your consumer, fans, audience. Don’t play with their time and money…bring your best every time. Those that love their experience of you are your best Marketing Tool.

Once others are spreading the word about you, capture those moments and use them yourself as marketing tools.

As you grown your audience and customer base…make sure you have professional tools in place to connect.

Create and be ready to present a:

Professional Email



Fact Sheet




Get familiar with contracts

It’s simple to use create effective marketing tools from your phone and your social media. Use your cellphone to take pictures and videos. Hold your hands still when filming videos and look through to camera to focus on what shows the best of the moment. Use people to help record these moments who understand how to do it.

You may not be a social media person, but if you have something that requires the support of others to grow and thrive, you need to commit time daily to social media. You also need to promote outside of your current circle to grow and expand your potential capabilities.

If you choose to not present in a professional manner, you may miss opportunities to take who you are and what you do beyond your today. Your efforts place to where you are…it’s the tell all.

When you research how to grow your brand and business by those who are achieving…they will start with the basics to where you won’t go or will go based off what work you put into your growth.

What does your present tools look like and where do you need to make changes?

Your action speaks louder than anything…

If someone is paying attention to you, what does your presence in person and online tell them about you?

Are you business or just playing with something as a novice…

If you don’t know something, do the research…I do it almost every day. Google and YouTube are amazing tools to learn something new or to better understand something.

If you want more, do the work and position yourself to be amongst those who potentially can help you level up. Take control of your potential success…you control what you present.

Remember this, Professional People want to deal with Professional People.

I want the best for Creative SoulZ and choose to share as my business understanding grows.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

Artists/Entertainers: What Does Your Self-Care Look Like For


Self Care is so important for anybody, but I do wonder what self care looks like for creative soulz. As an Empath, I can sense when people are not at there best and the why. I always prayer for healing of others lives and that they find a way to step up for themselves.

As life passes by and my age creeps up there (60*) I am very self aware of when I am not at my best and the reason why. Now that the pool is open where I live…I crave to be in the water for water exercise as often as life allows and the water permits here in Vegas. The pool is a great way of letting go of the stresses of my job or challenges of dealing with creative soulz and their projects…the water is so peaceful when I’m in the pool alone plus water exercise is a great form constant purposeful movement.

Do you, as a creative soul think about you health and wellness? Do you take mindful steps to be your best self first for yourself and second for those that experience you?

It’s not being made up and and taking selfies…that means nothing to myself and many others…it’s in putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself to us with an infectious energy that creates an intrigue and craving for more of what you have to offer.

Take care of yourself first (mind-body-spirit) and share your best self not selfies with us. (Just my opinion)

Sharing My Thoughts

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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