Prynce Phillip-The Next Generation of Las Vegas Black Entertainment

I will sincerely say that Prynce Phillip is a talent worthy of the spotlight being shinned on him. As the son of one of Las Vegas Legendary Black Entertainers, the late great Phil Flowers, he was schooled by one of the best in the industry. Although you can hear his father’s sound come through in his performances, Pyrnce Phillip has his own flair about him. Poised, and welcoming with a clothing taste that fits his style, and a flair for dance that enhances his sound. He is the whole package.

Under the management and guidance from Las Vegas’ Love The Music EPM, Skip & Lillian Rice are helping to establish Prynce Phillips in his own lane as he steps out to showcase his talents as an entertainer, that is able of captivating the crowd with is vocals and movements.

I’ve been paying attention to Prynce Phillip, and have always thought to myself that he could be the one to lead the next generation of entertainers here in Las Vegas and beyond. Love The Music he is giving him the opportunity to do just that.

Prynce Phillip is also a skilled writer of music and I have been blessed to listened to some of his tracks that have never been released. A very talented up and coming musical force to be reckoned with.

The bottom-line is that in my opinion, Prynce Phillip is a talent in Las Vegas that I know you should take note of and come out to experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Through Love the Music and Cork & Thorn, you will have the opportunity to sample Prynce Phillips musical flava and style of performance.

Check Prynce Phillip out starting Thursday, June 30, 2022 at

Cork & Thorn 70 W Imperial Ave | Las Vegas, NV | 89102

Every Thursday | 9:00pm-11:00pm for Thirsty Thursday

Tell your family and friends to join you every Thursday starting June 30st for a night of great entertainment which includes Skip Rice and The Las Vegas Blvd Band, specialty wines from around the world located in the Arts District of Las Vegas. With a unique ambiance and urban flair, Cork & Thorn is the perfect place for people of all ages (21+) to hang out and experience Prynce Phillip as Skip Rice & The Las Vegas Blvd Band plays their chosen pieces to draw you in and leave you wanting more.

Can you tell that I am excited about this new adventure for Prynce Phillip, I truly am. I know that he has the “IT Factor” and he is getting ready to give you a taste of it. I am sure that you will feel the presence of his daddy in the venue, but for sure I am know that Phil Flowers will be smiling down from heaven with great pride and support of his son.

All Booking Inquiries for Prynce Phillip, go through Lillian Rice of Love The Music.


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Arts & Entertainment Is 10% Talent 90% Business

As I grown in my knowledge of the Arts & Entertainment Industry, my eyes are open more to paying attention to how those of this industry maneuver online or in person.

Vegas is a different scene and has their own way of doing business when it comes to the smaller venues. So here appears to be word of mouth and knowing the right people that can put you on a show. I would imagine though, that for bigger opportunities you may need to present an artist package of some form.

But I was thinking back on an interview that I did years ago with Tasha Taylor, the legendary Johnnie Taylor’s babygirl. She told me that as she was coming up with her daddy before he passed, he would talk about the fact that being apart of the Music Industry was 10% Talent and 90% Business.

How many do you that are apart of the Arts & Entertainment Industry really understand this challenging industry that you choose to be apart of? To you handle business the same way you did 10 years ago or are you up to date with how the music business works in 2022.

Good Business in the Arts & Entertainment Industry starts with of course being a great talent, but would say the next need skill is People Skills. You must know how to speak to people wither is someone you are wanting a performance opportunity from or a fan to purchase merchandise or show tickets. You have to wear multiple hats and know which one you put on depending on who you are speaking with.

Next, I would say that when you want to go beyond who you know, be prepared with a solid Artist Package that consists of:

  1. Clear and Attractive Picture
  2. A Strong “Pitch” that is no more that 2 short paragraphs
  3. A Link to a Website or EPK that is up to date with: a) Current Pictures of you performing b) Current Artist Bio c) Videos of you performing d) links to social media e) links to wear music can be purchase or event tickets can be purchased f) Have any info relevant to attract fans and potential opportunities.

I have spent numerous hours researching how the Arts & Entertainment Industry works in 2022. The do’s and don’t(s) and everything in between. I have come across seasoned industry personnel and young, energetic and very informed young people who make so much sense and are great teachers. I would highly suggest that you do some research and see if you need to change your approach in growing and audience and connecting with potential new opportunities. Research who the go to people are and formulate your approach to connect. LinkedIn is one of the best sources to connect to industry people.

I would always encourage to master your craft by learning new techniques and or music to rehearsals and preparation for shows. Most people can tell if you are giving them a great experience…yes there are those that just come out to be social….but you want to attract those will talk about their experience you to the point that they will return and bring other people. The goal should always be to grow your audience.

Understand the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

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Sharing My Two Cents

Whatcha Wearin’?

Even if you never say it, I’m sure you have thought it when you saw someone whose outfit is far from flattering on them. You know you want to say, “what were you thinking when you put that on?” Or “what did you see in the mirror?”

Some people I think are so unaware of how they look to others… Think About It 🤔

Women that put on outfits sizes to small. Man that put on outdated suits.

You might say, “Lady Flava you shouldn’t say mean things like this.” And maybe you are right…I would want someone to pull my coattail if something really was not flattering.

I do recognize that some people don’t see what some of us see and it’s no issue…maybe that really is how life should be.

Where does putting you best foot forward or first impressions leaving lasting impressions.

As an Empath, I notice everything. I pay attention to other people’s reactions to my own. When dealing with Artists and Entertainers, their appearance is apart of the experience.

So, yes I think about it and feel badly for people who are unaware of their appearance. I think about outfits I have put on that did no justice for how I look. We need to clear our minds and pay attention and be honest… maybe we need to shift in the way we dress 🤔

Know what looks good on you or ask someone that you can handle their honest opinion.

When you are apart of the Arts & Entertainment Industry, your appearance does matter and is apart of your brand.

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New Release Black Stax “CLICK BATE” 6/21/22

Black Stax #NewRelease#ClickBate#seattle#hiphop#vibes#indiemusic#authentic#music

WorldWide Release June 21, 2022

Video by Connor Mac Studios

Music Produced by G.Fields

Featuring J.Hicks & Bro. Ahmad


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#IAmBlackStax #Forever

Demand The Best of Yourself

I think about this everyday. I want the BEST for myself. I analyze the areas I need to do better.

I spend a lot of time researching, learning and trying to incorporate the newness into my life.

I pay attention to people. I’ve always been a people watcher, I also listen to what people say or what they don’t say.

Are people working hard at nothing? Those people that are always busy but going no where.

I wonder how many people are taking steps to improve their world personal and professionally.

I know for myself, I need to do better in many areas. I work at it but can do better, do more.

Take inventory and determine where you can do better in your life. Determine realistic steps you can take and then take action.

Trust me, we are worth it 😉

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Thinking Out Loud

What’s Your Track Record?

As I’m listening to a business audiobook, I just heard, “What’s Your Track Record?”

Ding Ding Ding 🛎

How many of us keep records on who we are and what we do? Do you know what your successes or challenges look like?

Do you know your real following are? Do they come because of you or to just be, to be seen or to just be social?

Who are you financially benefitting from? Are they paying to attend? Are they purchasing merchandise? Who is your regular consumer? How can you grow your paying following?

As I wrote in another blog, I wrote…

Who’s writing about you?

Who’s documenting their experience of you?

Who’s sharing you with their family, friends and network?

You want people to be your BEST Marketing Tool.

How many people attended your show or event?Was it a Free Event or did they pay to attend (how many attended.)

Did you have merchandise to sell? Why or why not and if you had merch what did your display look like and how much did you sell?

Do you have a record keeping method?

How do you know how you are doing?

What’s your track track record?

What’s your professional track record?

I think this is something that is extremely important to understand and where you need to make some changes at. 🤔

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Thinking Out Loud

It Means They Are Paying Attention…

Many get their feelings hurt if what others put out publicly about they experience about them, if it is not favorable (is a bad thing)…In my opinion, it’s not. Of course we all want positive reactions about what we do, but what if there is value in their critique. Sometimes we can grow from others feedback.

But to me the real value is in the fact that you captured their attention.

Now you have the opportunity to change their initial perception…

Invite them back, and then ask them for their feedback one on one, or to present their opinion again publicly.

Be brave, and appreciate others opinions.

How you react is what you can control and what others share is what they choose to for what ever their reason is. TURN IT INTO A GOOD, whatever that looks like for you.

When we go public, we need other people.

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Thinking Out Loud…

Step Away From Your Public Personality

Sometimes I think we need to step away from our public personalities, the social media persons and our jobs and just chill. Take the time to just Do You, whatever that looks like and enjoy.

My plan this weekend was to work on a blog and vlog…I did none of that, I just sat and watched Korean movies on Netflix, drank coffee and herbal tea, I made simple meals, mostly smoothies. At times I laid on my couch and let the tv watch me. I didn’t think about work or Lady Flava projects. I didn’t hangout online. I just was…

Usually, the weekends is when I work on LadyFlava projects or my possibly go out to a show.

But clearly God told me to be quiet in mind and spirit and I watched shows that didn’t take much thought.

No phone calls…but I did prayer for my special people and I did online church.

The bottomline is, I did nothing of significance but it was a perfect weekend. #ThePowerOf60+

#nostress #nothingplanned #chilled #relaxed #noconversations #nowork #metime #justme

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Is Your Music Ready To Released To The Public?

How do you determine that your music is ready to release to the public?

Are you working with Topnotch producers/engineers?

Are you doing out of a home base studio and do you know what clarity of sound sounds like?

Do you share with a focus group that gives you feedback on all aspects of sound and vibe?

What is the reason you chose the song you are putting out?

Does the song represent your essence and does your authentic self shine through?

Is your song something that will pull on someone to want to experience over and over?

A simple place to start with quality of production…listen to your track against your favorite mainstream artist track of the same genre.

Can you hear or recognize if you track/song is just subpar? Or is it sincerely a FLAVA that will stand on its own and grow in fans and revenue?

When I was into doing online radio, I would put a new track with headphones on and my eyes closed. I’m totally focused to feel everything in the musical experience of the track. I’m listening to everything about the track and if I move, literally move, I know I am feeling the vibe and will play the track.

The vibe and how music makes me feel is the tell all if I would play and if I will share my thoughts on it.

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Do You Put Things Off Until…

A conversation I had today…Do It Now! So many times we put off what we need to do or want to do until tomorrow or beyond and the suffer from regrets. Do It Now! Tomorrow is not promised.

ladyflava #thepowerof60+ #ladyflavanews

Why do we put off doing things we know we need to or even things we claim we want?

I was having this conversation today with my daughter who is celebrating her 35th birthday. We talked about why we procrastinate on certain things. We talk about things we want to try or changed but ourselves or circumstances and then we don’t always follow through.

What I shared with my daughter is, sometimes we are scared to fail, other times we are just not committed and then it can come down to being around people who don’t push themselves, and in turn we put off what we say we want. (that was a long run on sentence, but you get the idea 😉)

When you see people achieving or are apart of a team working towards an exciting outcome…inspiration flows. Those are the people you should want to be around.

My daughter turned 35 today and I will be going on 62 in a matter of weeks. It’s interesting that we have the same feelings around what we want to achieve.

Inspiration can come from great thought provoking conversations, witnessing achievements and having someone believe in you, even if it’s just yourself.

Take little steps consistently and know you are progressing towards your wanted outcome.

Live today, proud of yourself and value the little steps because they will take you towards your dreams and goals. I’m my opinion, we should be scared of becoming stuck and going no where.

We create out legacy and what we will be remembered for.

Live with no regrets. Let’s help each other grow!

Topic of conversation with my 35 yo, my BabyGirl on 6/4/22.

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