Moinca Monet “Simply Beautiful LIVE”

Simply Beautiful LIVE by Monica Monet

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Monica Monet through her music over the past few years…First hearing her single, “Gravity” on Paradyme’s radio show, to then having the honor of playing her on my own radio station.  Sharing her flava from her Nappy Halo CD to a few released tracks from her up and coming Simply Beautiful CD.  The feedback I have always received about playing Monica Monet’s music has always been, that my listeners love and appreciation Monica Monet’s style of perfection and expressing her heartfelt story through music and tone.

In March of 2012, I was blessed to bring Monica Monet to Seattle for a 3 day tour called

“The Love, The Hurt, The Rebirth…Pacific Northwest Simply Beautiful Tour”

Yes, Monica Monet first released her new album, “Simply Beautiful” Simply Beautiful in Seattle, WA.  Although Monica Monet experience every horrible weather conditions in Seattle upon her arrival and caught a cold…she still put on an amazing show.  And people are still talking about it and asking when and if she will be returning.

As we enter into this new year, Monica Monet puts the final touches on a new project, “Simply Beautiful LIVE” which will allow the new and old fans of Monica Monet to experience the raw passion of her live performance in audio and visual.  I have had the pleasure to experience this project before it goes public and I have to say, it is Simply Beautiful.  Maybe I am bias because I know what her studio polished sound is like to that of seeing and hearing her on stage.  But I feel that if you love this woman or have never experienced her LIVE this is the next best thing to the in person opportunity.

Monica Monet exudes passion beyond measures when you hear her sing her songs LIVE…you cannot help but understand the depths of the feeling behind the creation of the word to the music.  There are people who can sing and there are people that can write great songs but cannot put on a great show in person.  Monica Monet can sing, write great songs and is an astounding performer.  She will captivate your attention and have you singing with her before you even realize it.  Be careful she may even single you out in an audience.

Simply Beautiful LIVE is the icing on the cake when it comes to the Monica Monet Experience!  Monica Monet’s music is being played from coast to coast and around the world and has even charted in the UK for over a month at one stretch, along with being sold there.  Her presence has been experienced  from the East Coast to the West Coast and down South.  Now you can experience her LIVE from the comforts of your home.

Coming soon… Simply Beautiful LIVE by Monica Monet “Simply Beautiful LIVE.”

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