Is That Man Your Husband…Or Is He Mine? (Stage Play #Vegas)


Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray.

I had the pleasure of attending this wonderfully entertaining and hilarious stage play on both Tuesday, February 20, 2018 and Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at the West Las Vegas Library Theatre.  First of all the theater was a beautiful location to present this show.  Every seat in the house was a good seat and it allowed for the stage to be set up to present the musical in a very professional fashion.

I had heard about the stage play, but clearly did not really know what to expect.  From the start it captured my attention with great visual appeal, humor and amazing vocals from the array of performers.  Sitting in the audience, it felt like witnessing your family and friends having an opinion on how your world is working, as thoughts were expressed and a strong faith in God shared, to the craziness of ones friends being ready and willing to throw down in your honor.  Mind you, this is all done with humor and song.

photostudio_1519349749405A scene with Chardonnay with her mother and her mother’s best friend.
Ms Michelle as Chardonnay/Promise Marks as her mother, Momma Humpking/
Avana Christie as her best friend, Sistah Beautee

The play touch on the struggles of keeping a marriage together, the love and support of family and friends…sharing time in church through God’s word and song.  Okay, I’m a preachers daughter but the church scenes were so funny, with tasteful humor…LOL


As Chardonnay’s first marriage comes to an end, did she find new love, a perfect love? Celebrating with family and friends along with a long time admirer…the planning begins for a dream wedding.  Although, the play is so funny, it takes real life situations that anyone could relate to.

The talents of the cast was phenomenal…from the acting to the singing, Ms Michelle put together a stellar cast.  I personally and professionally knew Avana Christie, Promise Marks and EC Adams and knew their talents as singers, but I was blow away by their acting ability.  Let me tell you Momma Humpking and Sistah Beautee were a pair and the humorous relationship between the two, almost seemed so real that I could picture it in my mind…imagining the conversations that could take place between these characters.


Ooops, who came to crash the wedding?  Well, what would you think as you look at this picture…I highly recommend that you come out to the Las Vegas Black Film Festival on April 27, 2017 and attend the movie premiere for the movie with the same title…Yes, Ms Michelle has turned this global stage play into a movie.  And she says that there is much more that we will experience with these very same characters and actors in the movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed this great stage play, from the storyline to the acting and music.  Bravo Ms Michelle and cast!


Just a few of the cast after the final night…
Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray
FB_IMG_1519642877083Me, Lady Flava with my friends and cast members of
“Is That Man Your Husband…Or Is He Mine?”
Promise Marks, Avana Peach and EC Adams.
Picture taken by retired Vegas Photographer, Arnie Gray.

As I state earlier, Ms Michelle has turned this great stage play into a movie and it will be debuting as a premiere film at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival on April 27, 2018

You can find out more information about the film and the LV Black Film Festival and to purchase your tickets to attend the movie premiere or the whole festival at:



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If You’re Looking To Party In Vegas, Look For BLOCK PARTY


I was first introduced to Block Party at a friend’s birthday party, Miss Avana Peach back in October of 2017 and instantaneously became a fan.  Although I was more focused on celebrating my friend, I was well aware of the quality of musicianship that was taking place and the high energy of this great band, Block Party.

I began to follow them 4 months ago and have had the opportunity to experience seeing them perform in a variety of venues around Las Vegas.  From a small space in a local neighborhood casino to a large room at the Boulder Station’s Railhead Showroom to Fiesta Rancho’s Cabo Lounge, Block Party brings the Party of  all Party’s to any venue.  They have a following that will go to any location that they are performing at, as they continue to make new fans along the way.


Yes, I have had the pleasure of getting to know this band and it’s amazing talented musicians from FingaRachoz on Keys, who is also the band leader and music director, to Big Kev on Bass, Beat Down on drums,  JC on lead guitar also doing feature vocals, along with the vocals of the oh so talented female singer, Kyss Kyss and male singer, P Wils.  Lately, Vocalist Cali has rejoined the Block Party Family adding his strong vocals and charismatic personality.  All the singers can step to the mic as a feature and blend nicely as a duo or trio.  Each individual musician can stand on their own but together create a musical family, performing a variety of classics from R&B/Soul to Funk, Hip Hop, Blues and Rock.  What I love about Block Party is that each time I have come out to see them perform, they incorporate music that surprises me.  I can honestly say that each show is a new experience with Block Party.

You might here the likes of:

Whip It                                        I Like

My Prerogative                          Square Biz

Poison                                          Music by Chicago

I Wanna                                      Music by George Michael

Jamaican Funk                          Saturday Love

One Nation                                Watching You

Under the leadership of FingaRachoz, Block Party visual display is on point with the band always dressed in coordinated colors, to creating dance movements that the musicians and vocalist do together.  Have I mentioned High Energy…Block Party’s energy is outrageous where you will never see the dance floor empty, matter of fact…the crowd can get so large the the dancing many flow outside of the Cabo Lounge at Fiesta Rancho’s Hotel and Casino in North Las Vegas.  Another attribute of Block Party is they are super engaging of their audience, opening up for the crowd to participate throughout the show.

The crowds that come out and party with Block Party are diverse from a variety of ages to diversity if ethnicity, showing that music can bring people from all walks of life together under the same roof, to party and have a good time.FB_IMG_1519638823236If you are in Vegas or plan to come to Vegas for a visit, I recommend that you find out where BLOCK PARTY will be.  If you are looking for a good time and want to party the night away, you will never be disappointed at a BLOCK PARTY!


You can follow Block Party on Facebook at: @blockpartyonline

You can see more videos of Block Party on Lady Flava’s YouTube Channel:

Lady Flava’s YouTube Channel


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Lady Flava’s Review on “Mechanics of a Nigga” by Timothy Hollins


Challenged My Thinking
Mechanics if a Nigga by Timothy Hollins was one of the most challenging books I have read in a long time, maybe ever. I felt like it was a dialogue that I have been privileged to hear but not welcomed to really participate in. From birth I was raised in a predominately black community of Seattle, WA where I attended school, played with and associated with friends and peers that were black. Strangely enough during the late 60’s to early 70’s (the Civil Rights Era) I was accepted in my community because my father is Japanese, I am of Japanese/ German descent. So, with that acceptance, I had no problems coming up. From the sidelines I would hear the conversations from my friends and elders about the word “Nigga/Nigger” and the displeasure that it brought them and in those days it was taboo for a black person to call another black person the “N word.” I understood at a young age that I was not really to have a voice in certain conversations, instead I listened intently with out speaking.

So reading this piece of literature challenged my thinking and more so, challenged how I would respond through writing a review. Do I have the right to have a react and respond? I know that I do.

Mechanics of a Nigga is educational and thought provoking., no matter who the person is that reads it. Addressing the African American/Black Community from an American true history perspective starting with the slave mentality of today, society perception, self perception, rising up beyond this state of oppression to self deprivation and low self-esteem.

It addresses white privilege, enslavement of mind and body with a sense that the writer wanting to push the reader to think about what would “change” look like after a cycle of unchanged history. Now we go from the use of a word “Nigga” being used in a derogatory way from a group of people that claimed privilege over all people, to it freely being used among a group of blacks addressing each other, when the larger demographics of blacks on a national and global do not use this word in addressing themselves. What is the change that is needed, how does the healing begin and what would it really look like a noticeable level and who would recognize and acknowledge an empowering shift.

I challenge you to read this piece and to find your words to describe your experience and thoughts. This piece is for all people. It is for those that are willing to read it with an open mind and to be honest with how you think and feel about to topic posed to us.

I know that Timothy Hollins has written other pieces along this line, which I will be purchasing copy’s to read and review. I look forward to pushing myself in my thoughts and feelings as I dig deeper into this authors mindset as he shares.



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The Next Movement at Eastside Cannery

October 5, 2017
The Next Movement at Eastside Cannery

The Next Movement is one of the groups I had heard about when I first arrived to Vegas, so I knew that I wanted to checked them out.  It just so happened that my girlfriends called to say I should come out with them to see The Next Movements show that night at the Eastside Cannery.  I live the closest, so I headed over to secure a table for us and found that the room was pretty much full and I was forced to grab a table to the right of the stage and which was up against the wall.  Although it wasn’t the best view for experiencing The Next Movement for the first time, I wasn’t going to let this stop me from enjoying the show and moving around if I felt like it.  As the show started I decided since I brought my review journal with me that I would take notes, pictures and videos of the night’s experience.

As I stated, the room was fairly full by the time I arrived at around 8:30pm.  It was an older crowd, who seemed to wholeheartedly enjoy the music and did not hesitate to get on the dance floor throughout the night.  The Next Movement shared a variety of genres from the Classics in R&B, Soul and Blues with some more current pop songs.  It appears that The Next Level knows their audiences well, and catered to what the crowd clearly enjoyed.  Performing the Classics, “Used To Be My Girl” by The O’Jays, “Love’s In Need Of Love Today” by Stevie Wonder, “Choosey Lover” by The Isley Brothers, and “Single Life” by Cameo just to name a few.

Sam Thomas Jr of The Next Movement is very engaging of the audience and you can tell he is a seasoned entertainer, knowing how to keep the energy high along with his music brothers, Cornell Haywood and Earl Shelby.  Together they display such beautiful harmony showing that they truly are professionals and main objective is to give a great show.
In doing a little research on this group, I see that they were established going back to the early 70’s back in Chicago’s South Side.  Now as a regular fixture to a variety of casino’s in Vegas, they also tour and wow their audiences from near and far.

Get a taste of their flava…

If you come to Vegas or are living in the Vegas area, I would recommend that you come out and experience The Next Movement…Coming to a casino near you!
You can stay updated by following The Next Movement on Facebook or stay informed on show dates by going to their website at:


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“FRESH” LVS Enterprises Presents Motown Extreme Review


This was a highly anticipated show for me as a new person to the Las Vegas area and the entertainment that takes place here.  I had the privilege of attending a rehearsal for this show and found that it was well designed from the vocals, the choreography, script to the overall presentation.  This was just what I took away from experiencing the rehearsal just days before the actual show.  I sensed that the show was going to be amazing.

I sensed the seriousness and commitment that Ausar and Aset Bragg founders and CEO of LVS Enterprises/The Las Vegas Stars.  I understood the needed commitment and dedication that they required from the performers and stage production crew to pull off this exciting and fresh twist to a Motown Review.  With a 12-14 person crew, it was clear that they put the right people together.  The talent clearly was there, but you truly could feel the love and respect that each member had for one another and their individual commitment to the success of this project and show.  It was beautiful to witness. Running through the rehearsal, they ended the evening with a circle conversation and updates, expectations along with hopes and desires of that the outcome would be.

20170620_162652  20170620_155610   20170620_155431

The night of the show arrived and I found myself so excited to see how they would pull the show off in their studio…Oh, I failed to mention that this great production was going to take place in the AIP Academy of the Arts performance studio, which is also owned and operated by Ausar and Aset Bragg.  I walked into what felt like a small theater. Chairs lined up in rows with club style tables and chairs up front, the stage area was set with microphones,  lighting and the perfect atmosphere or should I say, ambiance.  The people started to come, with those clearly with question on their faces, not knowing what to expect along with those simply settling into their spot ready for the show.  The VIP’s sat up front which included Robert Gordy Jr and his guest, while other Gordy Family members sat in the back.  Knowing Robert Gordy Jr and his guest, I moved up front to sit by them.  This was a perfect move for me.  As the show started, I found myself drawn into every song, the precision of the dance routines and beautiful customs. The best part was watching Robert Gordy Jr’s reaction as he experienced the show.  He was all in by the way he responded to each act.

Here was is the line-up of acts:

Gladys Knight and The Pips

Jackson 5

Four Tops

Diana Ross and The Supremes


Marvin Gaye

Which included some skits included throughout the show.

For me the night was magical as each act took the stage and dazzled the audience.  It was not only perfect in presentation but it has what I would call an authentic and organic feel to it, that made it feel fresh and exciting.  Everyone that was in attendance enjoyed the show and greeted the cast afterwards, sharing their excitement, giving their blessings and of course taking pictures.  Their were some young girls in attendance and after the show they took pictures with the young “Michael Jackson” impersonator, which for me gave the feel of what Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 went through as their fan base began to grow.

I was privy to a lengthy conversation after the show with Robert Gordy Jr and of course I had to ask him what his thoughts were of the evening.  Robert was thrilled, he said that it was a fresh twist to a Motown Revue.  Robert Gordy Jr felt is was “fresh and exciting,” giving a true feel to how it felt back in the days of Motown when it was new and growing, taking on the talents of the artist and groups who were replicated during this evening.  With the great talents, beautiful costumes, the energy from the audience and the captivating performance from the Jackson 5 and other performers…it felt like Motown all over again.

Check out the Promo Video for Motown Extreme Review

Within the walls of the AIP Academy of the Arts performance studio, Ausar and Aset Bragg pulled of a topnotch show, with the great talents and a Motown feeling which left those that attended to continue to talk about it way past the night of the show.

Showing how hard work, determination with the right team including Felton Pilate on Production and Stage Manager, Nate Bridewell, along with the committed crew of performers, LVS Enterprises did their thing.  The production was so amazing to the point that people have asked over and over about this show, where is it taking place next and when could they attend a show themselves.

Now the challenge begins, Motown Extreme Review is looking for a showroom to put on this high energy and top quality show.  Everyone who has experienced this production is in agreement that it deserves a showroom on the strip and that they would support it.


The Jackson 5 and Diana Ross and The Supremes


Motown Extreme Review Cast with Robert Gordy Jr and Family


3 of the gentlemen from the Four Tops and Temptation along with the Pips


Robert Gordy Jr with The Supremes


Susan “Lady Flava” Koshi with Ausar and Aset Bragg; Founders and CEO of

LVS Enterprises’ The Las Vegas Stars Motown Extreme Review 

As a reviewer, I base my reviews on presentation, production and experience.  I was totally blown away by Motown Extreme!

Lady Flava News Review score is : 10 Snaps out of 10 Snaps

I do advocate for this production to get a showroom or venue and I would highly recommend that all come out to experience Motown Extreme Review.

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