The Fiyah Was Ignited at Block Party’s Concert at Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur in Vegas


For me, I had great anticipation for what the experience would be like as this was Block Party’s first concert show at a casino since Covid 19 shut down Vegas along with the nation and across the globe. I knew in my soul that this night would be special and it went beyond what I could have imagined.

The promotions were circulating on all the different social media networks be a variety of people including myself. I knew there was going to be a great turn out.

I tried to gage what time I should arrive, so I walked in the door at 6:30pm thinking I easily would be able to secure a good table to take the perfect pictures and videos. To my surprise, venue was already full with people who arrived early to save seats for their people. Several Leo Birthday Celebration along with others who clearly knew they needed to arrive early to get a seat.

From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed. Everyone was have a great time and partying hard with BLOCK PARTY 🔦📸🍹💥💋

Around the 3rd set FingaRachoZ announced that he had just been informed that they had the largest crowd of any of the shows at their entertainment lounge at Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur along with keeping the dance floor packed. The bartenders were happy and all around the management and booking agent was the thrilled with the outcome of having BLOCK PARTY perform.


The energy was high the whole night…From Block Party to the crowd. FingaRachoZ, band leader of Block Party is a genius when it comes to orchestrating a well designed experience that just flows….From the music selection to the singers and choreography….Block Party was On Fiyah and Ignited the Crowd.

Many people in Vegas have their favorite band and Block Party is at The Top of The List for Many. And this was proven by the number of people that came out and stayed to the very end.

From FingaRachoZ on Keys, Darnell on Bass, George on Drums, JC on Guitar, P Wils on Percussions along with Bruce Lead Male Vocalist and Steph Payne as Feature Female Vocalist for this show, with a surprise visit from Kyss Kyss the Lead Female Vocalist for Block Party…the Night was Magic. I loved seeing people up dancing and engaging each other and Block Party…the Vibe was infectious. This was a great combination of musicianship, they played well off of each other. Block Party took this particular show to a whole different level and you can see why they are Known as The Dopest Crew in Vegas. They have created their own lane in Las Vegas Entertainment. Once you experience Block Party you will never forget the experience.

Those people that know that I have been involved with Block Party for years may say that I am bias, and maybe I am…but the proof is in the puddin’ from what people are saying to the pictures and videos floating around on social media.

You can check out more videos of BLOCK PARTY AT:



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“FRESH” LVS Enterprises Presents Motown Extreme Review


This was a highly anticipated show for me as a new person to the Las Vegas area and the entertainment that takes place here.  I had the privilege of attending a rehearsal for this show and found that it was well designed from the vocals, the choreography, script to the overall presentation.  This was just what I took away from experiencing the rehearsal just days before the actual show.  I sensed that the show was going to be amazing.

I sensed the seriousness and commitment that Ausar and Aset Bragg founders and CEO of LVS Enterprises/The Las Vegas Stars.  I understood the needed commitment and dedication that they required from the performers and stage production crew to pull off this exciting and fresh twist to a Motown Review.  With a 12-14 person crew, it was clear that they put the right people together.  The talent clearly was there, but you truly could feel the love and respect that each member had for one another and their individual commitment to the success of this project and show.  It was beautiful to witness. Running through the rehearsal, they ended the evening with a circle conversation and updates, expectations along with hopes and desires of that the outcome would be.

20170620_162652  20170620_155610   20170620_155431

The night of the show arrived and I found myself so excited to see how they would pull the show off in their studio…Oh, I failed to mention that this great production was going to take place in the AIP Academy of the Arts performance studio, which is also owned and operated by Ausar and Aset Bragg.  I walked into what felt like a small theater. Chairs lined up in rows with club style tables and chairs up front, the stage area was set with microphones,  lighting and the perfect atmosphere or should I say, ambiance.  The people started to come, with those clearly with question on their faces, not knowing what to expect along with those simply settling into their spot ready for the show.  The VIP’s sat up front which included Robert Gordy Jr and his guest, while other Gordy Family members sat in the back.  Knowing Robert Gordy Jr and his guest, I moved up front to sit by them.  This was a perfect move for me.  As the show started, I found myself drawn into every song, the precision of the dance routines and beautiful customs. The best part was watching Robert Gordy Jr’s reaction as he experienced the show.  He was all in by the way he responded to each act.

Here was is the line-up of acts:

Gladys Knight and The Pips

Jackson 5

Four Tops

Diana Ross and The Supremes


Marvin Gaye

Which included some skits included throughout the show.

For me the night was magical as each act took the stage and dazzled the audience.  It was not only perfect in presentation but it has what I would call an authentic and organic feel to it, that made it feel fresh and exciting.  Everyone that was in attendance enjoyed the show and greeted the cast afterwards, sharing their excitement, giving their blessings and of course taking pictures.  Their were some young girls in attendance and after the show they took pictures with the young “Michael Jackson” impersonator, which for me gave the feel of what Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 went through as their fan base began to grow.

I was privy to a lengthy conversation after the show with Robert Gordy Jr and of course I had to ask him what his thoughts were of the evening.  Robert was thrilled, he said that it was a fresh twist to a Motown Revue.  Robert Gordy Jr felt is was “fresh and exciting,” giving a true feel to how it felt back in the days of Motown when it was new and growing, taking on the talents of the artist and groups who were replicated during this evening.  With the great talents, beautiful costumes, the energy from the audience and the captivating performance from the Jackson 5 and other performers…it felt like Motown all over again.

Check out the Promo Video for Motown Extreme Review

Within the walls of the AIP Academy of the Arts performance studio, Ausar and Aset Bragg pulled of a topnotch show, with the great talents and a Motown feeling which left those that attended to continue to talk about it way past the night of the show.

Showing how hard work, determination with the right team including Felton Pilate on Production and Stage Manager, Nate Bridewell, along with the committed crew of performers, LVS Enterprises did their thing.  The production was so amazing to the point that people have asked over and over about this show, where is it taking place next and when could they attend a show themselves.

Now the challenge begins, Motown Extreme Review is looking for a showroom to put on this high energy and top quality show.  Everyone who has experienced this production is in agreement that it deserves a showroom on the strip and that they would support it.


The Jackson 5 and Diana Ross and The Supremes


Motown Extreme Review Cast with Robert Gordy Jr and Family


3 of the gentlemen from the Four Tops and Temptation along with the Pips


Robert Gordy Jr with The Supremes


Susan “Lady Flava” Koshi with Ausar and Aset Bragg; Founders and CEO of

LVS Enterprises’ The Las Vegas Stars Motown Extreme Review 

As a reviewer, I base my reviews on presentation, production and experience.  I was totally blown away by Motown Extreme!

Lady Flava News Review score is : 10 Snaps out of 10 Snaps

I do advocate for this production to get a showroom or venue and I would highly recommend that all come out to experience Motown Extreme Review.

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