New Venue Black Owned Venue in Vegas, West Side Oasis

Top of this picture is Buffalo Tempura Cauliflower, below Greens & Cornbread and
next Catfish Nuggets with Sweet Waffle Fries and Wings.

You see that I started out this blog with pictures of food…Although, this is not why I went to the West Side Oasis, it is a big facture of what captured my attention and will cause me to return for a pick up order on my way home from work. The food was outstanding, the display was beautiful and eye catching and let me tell the prices were so reasonable. Since I got off work early and was hungry after I went home, showered and head down the street, I knew I would order food to eat as soon as I arrived.

I met up with my friend and colleague, Lillian Rice from Love The Music Entertainment & Productions. She invited me to come out to check out this new venue and support Bobby Rose & Friends, along with Queen ARIES and Miss Renee. The sound systems was not up to par, it turned out that Bobby had to bring his own sound system because the Oasis does not have a Backline. This will be one of the factors that can pose a problem in providing quality sound for the variety of entertainment to come perform at the Oasis. I have seen Bobby Rose & Friends…Along with Queen ARIES perform at other venues so I was not concern with their performance at all.

(I originally posted snippet videos of tonight’s audition, but out of respect for these great talents, I deleted the videos and pictures.)

As the night came to and end, an early evening which worked well for me…I was interested in finding out more about this new venue and what the owner was looking for in entertainment and ideas of the use of his wonderful space. Lilian and i did get the opportunity to speak to Terry Adams the venue’s owner. Honestly, he appeared to be disinterested in speaking to us. When I realized who the owner was, he was the gentleman outside the door when I arrived, who did not greet me nor open the door for me to go in.

I introduced myself and expressed my interest in his club and was pleased to have a black owned business which would provide a space black entertainment to take place in my neighborhood. I told him a little about myself, letting him know that I wanted to post a review but wasn’t sure if I should strictly base it off my experience of this evening. I was thinking of coming back a few times to see if it would evolve quickly into a full functioning performance space.

Terry Adams was not warm and engaging. He expressed that his goal is to make this a multifaceted gathering place for community, local and mainstream talents, politics and event hosting. Along with media recordings, restaurant, bar and gaming with the plan to be fully functioning 24 hours, with food service ending around 11pm. It sounded great but I felt a disconnect from the owner, but he did express that he has been working nonstop to get the venue open.

I understand working nonstop and having last minute things to pull together and being exhausted. I also understand the need for great people skills and being welcoming and engaging to entice people to return to your place of business.

I started this review almost 2 months ago and hesitated in sharing my truth. Was it fair to base it off of a one time experience. Then the words rang in my head, “ you only get 1 chance to make a first impression.” My 1st experience was not one that pulled on me to return, due to the following reasons:

1- The owners disconnect.

2- The poor customer service

3- The lack of sound equipment. The entertainment had to bring their own, and without the proper time and space to get the sound right.

4- No social distancing and hand sanitizer visible. This was my first time out in 1 year and I have Covid issues, so I went home and showered immediately.

Since my one and only visit I have had a variety of conversations with people from the community and people I know and the one thing in common, was the disappointment around the customer service. Another thing that has been implemented is a charge to sit at a table…this I have never heard of. So, on an average what I have heard was expressed hopes that this would be one of the locations to come to for entertainment, food and drink and then displeasure in an actual experience a time or two.

Honestly, I’m not sure what could draw me back to West Side Oasis…clearly the food I enjoyed and the fact that it’s 5 minutes from my home is not enough at this point.

I’m disappointed in my one time experience but will keep my ears open to what I hear…you know, word of mouth is a powerful tool.


Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

With permission from a colleague of mine, I am posting a review written on a variety of internet business review sites along with social media:

When you open a business that is customer based and reliant upon people to buy your product and enlist people to help you to get your business off the ground and to become successful how do you treat all of your customers? Do you think that because you are trying to improve the reputation of a particular area of town it is alright to treat people that are celebrities one way and the people who support you by purchasing another way?

I believe that all people should be respected and treated the same way. Good customer service, good product and appropriate follow up are the hallmarks of any successful business.
If you have been to a place more than 4 times and receive the same disrespectful treatment and terrible service would you say something to the public by giving an appropriate bad review because more than one area of service falls terribly short of what is expected from other businesses in the same category or should you just accept it as a norm and say nothing.

When people spend thier money they expect great service am I right or wrong?
I am in a quandry because I would like to see this business prosper and become a great hallmark in Las Vegas however they fall short of what is decently expected. Unfortunately in speaking with previous new patrons I have found the same complaints. 1. Poor customer service staff just will outright ignore you or tell you they will be right back and don’t come back because they are told it is not necessary to serve those persons right away they can wait. 2. Charge on price on a menu and when your bill comes for the same drink for example ordered you have been upcharged for the second and/or third drink and food is a different price than what is on the menu that you selected from. Oh also there are 2 menus but you absolutely adhere to the appropriate menu for the time frame. 3. Recieve food cold or outright not cooked at all. 4. Bought food by the server that you did not order and than billed for it after you have told them it was not your order. 5. Told that “we serve paying customers 1st and than we serve others.” When you can show that there has not been a time that you went and supported them that you did not spend no less than at least $80.00 to $100.00 with tips each time you have been there.

There is more. Westside Oasis receives 2 stars from me and the only reason is because they hired Bobby Rose and friends to help them build thier business. If it wasn’t for the entertainment this establishment would would recieve Zero stars. If you read this entire review I look forward to your feedback. Thank you.

Lillian Rice of Love The Music EMP 5/5/21

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