I Love Creative SoulZ

I am Lady Flava who Advocates for Creative SoulZ

My Birth place as Lady Flava was at my coffee house, Flava Coffee House 2003-2008. I knew I wanted it to be colorful, embrace the diversity of this community where I lived and to welcome creativity to be supported. I established just that.

I was apart of hosting a Jazz cruise, became a book reviewer of African American Literature of all genres, hosted a national literary conference, hosted open mics and sold creative soulz merchandise.

I dared to dream and I designed her laying on my living room floor. God opened up the doors for me to meet the contractors that helped to bring her to life along with the help of my children and daddy.

I built Flava at the wrong time and I had not a strong business person. The struggle was real and sadly I lost my home that I owned for 17 years behind being a struggling small business owner. In 2008 with the help of 3 trusted Flava Coffee Family Members, I decided to not resign another 5 year lease. The summer of 2008, I closed the doors to Flava Coffee House in North Seattle.

A deep sadness over came me but my family was right there by my side and my daddy let me know I was special and would continue my journey of supporting creative soulz. Some special people helped me with my journey over social media and a different excitement over took my life and soon the doors open to go beyond the doors of Flava Coffee House. I found a strong voice and created a presence to support artists of all genres and art forms.

My passion and purpose was heightened and I woke in the morning plotting and planning. I went to sleep dreaming. Conversations were had locally and nationally… I became apart of a community that connected and found ways to create platforms for Creative SoulZ to be experienced.

In 2009 I was encouraged to become an online radio host by DeWayne Alston of Soul City Radio out of Baltimore. This became a beautiful place for me to show my support to indie music and more locally, nationally and eventually I went strong globally. I had set shows and more often than not, did spontaneous shows.

Arthritis was taking over my legs and it was getting harder to walk and even while being still, the pain became apart of my everyday life. The Power of having a passion, it helped me deal with the severity of the pain.

My daddy was aging and need 24 hr care. I stepped up to be his caregiver with the help of my children. He loved Flava so much and he wholeheartedly supported me with Lady Flava News and was a regular financial sponsor of my needs and projects. We used to go to iHop to have weekly breakfast meetings to talk about Lady Flava News. Daddy told me that this was my ministry to work with a support creative people. He said it would not be easy, but it was the journey that God put me on. I always remind myself of my Daddy’s words. Daddy passed in 2016. That same year I had knee replacements on both of my knees. And I dared to dream of taking my journey in a different direction.

In 2017 with the encouragement of Lillian Rice of Live The Music, Sherry Gordy of Sherry Gordy Presents and Marc VanClaggett of Marlex Records…I moved to Las Vegas with a big dream.

I wanted to take my support of Indie Artists to another level by creating a performance platform call Flava’s Lounge when Creative SoulZ could showcase their craft in Vegas. Plotting and Planning was in the works and I almost had it all put together with a venue and all the elements and people on board. Then a shift happened and I was present with a different option than the original…this involved a large amount I would need to pay to use the venue. I had enough to do possibly 2 shows… What to do? I had an o call job that the hours became not dependable….

I got 2 second job and then a third. I was hustling to just survive and to build a dream. My business partner pulled out and I became a one person show. The people I believed were apart of my Vegas foundation really weren’t so conversations became less and less. People wanted me on there team to help them build their dreams and I did allow myself into it…I realized that I stopped working on and believing my purpose of moving to Vegas. In conversations, watching and attending events…my eyes opened up that Vegas was not open to supporting Original Music. I became so discouraged and I felt lost, craving to Seattle. I resisted helping others with their projects. I stood firm to only supporting what I sincerely liked and was willing to attach my name, my brand to.

The struggle was real and depression set in. I felt stuck in a place that I could not relate to. I became extremely judgmental after experiencing racism, ignorance, tunnel vision. I stopped enjoying being amongst people and listening to the same cover songs over and over, the same show every week and this went on for years.

My life consisted of going to work and coming home. I know my now that my energy was bad, so I became comfortable with solitude. As an Empath this was a safe place for me to live. Then the Pandemic of Covid 19 shut the world down.

The Pandemic took our worlds over, people rapidly became sick with the virus including myself. People were severely sick and hospitalized, adding the death toll to life as we have come to know it.

It feels like The Arts & Entertainment Industry came crashing down. Venues closed, gathering were not allowed or limited. Mandated mask wearing, social distancing … a cultural shock over came the world and of course there were those that went against what was highly encouraged for all people to do, to keep safe and lessen the spread of this deadly virus. Vaccinations, boosters and many people refused to get vaccinated along with people getting this new variant even after being vaccinated. I immediately got my vaccinations and booster without question.

Now it 2022 and we are on a 3 variant of this pandemic. Just as people were beginning to come out again, venues opening for small gatherings for entertainment. The casinos limiting opportunities for Black Entertainment to be experienced. The end of 2021 people came out to enjoy entertainment and to social, letting their guards down. Not always wearing masks, no social distancing and show physical affection. Turning around that people in attendance tested positive with Covid and were sick. No contact tracing done or announcements made to let people know they were in contact with people with Covid. As a person who works in the medical area…I was angry and disappointed.

I Love Creative SoulZ…So what do we do now? Black Arts and Entertainment has been devastated by the beginning of this Pandemic. People out of work with no income to depend on or very little, not even worth mentioning.

I am a firm believer in creating what doesn’t exist or what we need more of. I try to do my part through social media promotions, my radio shows and blogs or YouTube.

I became doing my part, with no acknowledgement shown or appreciation given. I became discouraged again, I can say that I never got over the disappointment of my move to Vegas. Then very little was seen on my social medias when I would see creative soulz promoting. Social Media felt like work than excitement. I am to a point that I have pulled back.

I have never fully walked away from supporting creativity and small businesses…I’m working on me and finding my way to make being a person who supports and advocates for Creative SoulZ. I need it to make sense and feel good to me. I am honoring myself and with God’s Grace I will come back strong with a presence that I can live with to present to those who are meant to pay attention.

I may seem distant, but I am still here. I will get back to my radio shows, as I revamp who I support and my purpose of being on air. I have my blogs and will share my authentic self with no apologies. I have a page on my website that that is called “What’s Happening in Vegas.” I scroll through through a variety of social medias looking for what is taking place in Black Arts and Entertainment in Las Vegas. I may step out from time to time if there is an event taking place that I am draw to attend that I feel I can feel safe.

This turned out to me longer than I intended…but I guess I had a need to share.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews



#DoingMe with You in Mind ♥️

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