A&E | Your Budget and Records

I created this 2022 but it will always remain relevant.

Keep track of what you revenue intake is and where is coming from and where you spend money. I believe many are unaware of what they are paying out verses what they are bringing in when it comes to their craft.

Keep records by using a simple receipt book. As a professional and business, record are so imperative.

Know You Should Have A Budget … Find A Way To Create A #Budget To #WorkFrom … #ThRealityIs … MANY THINGS TAKES MONEY TO FURTHER THE PROGRESS … Otherwise, You Might Look Like You’re Doing Something when in Reality You’re Standing Still 🤔 … #StartSavingMoney To #BuildYourDream

More and more I realize that many creatives do not have a financial budget set aside to grow their professional exposure. Yet they will spend money on other things. Many might feel that they are leveling up with new outfits and accessories. Yet, their following and potential customers are not expanding.

I would take something simple and perfect it as you build a income and reinvest in your craft to slower level up.

Professionals need to have a budget to work from to pay out to service providers, equipment, tools needed for your craft, promotions and marketing and more.

Prioritize where you spend money when it comes to growing your craft or business.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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