A&E | How Committed is Your Team

Although, as I work alone…I do recognize that we all need other people play a role in our success.

I think about what a team looks like and what the responsibilities are or should I say, what the responsibilities should be of a team.

I believe that roles need to be identified and expectations established. I’m my opinion everyone on a team should understand the end results desired and what they need to do to play their part in the success of__________.

Living in Vegas, I find it sad that there isn’t a sense of commitment to gigs when it comes to band members. It feels like it is just a gig to make some money, verses a pride to grow a brand, audience and opportunity to make more money.

I believe that everyone that is involved in a show, project or business should feel a responsibility to put effort into its success. To spread the word to their people…to be proud to be part and pride is infectious…people but into when the participants are excited about what they are apart of.

I want to encourage you to find people that will bring their best to the project, believes in it and will help you grow the audience, customers and real fans.

You and your team should be striving towards SUCCESS together.

LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews

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