A&E | Smoking Venues vs Non Smokers

What Do We Do If We Want To Attend A Show But The Cigarette Smoke (or Cigar, Vaping, Hookah Smoke) is So Strong?

I’ve attended shows at 2 locations where the cigarette smoke was so thick that it made me sick. The first location I have walked out of the show due to the smoking physically making me sick…the second location I wore a mask and it helped but I still struggled to fully enjoy the experience.

I may be in the minority in Vegas that struggles to tolerate cigarette smoke. Many of the people I know down here are smokers, so I know it doesn’t bother them.

The other thing is to be a non smoker and come home smelling of cigarettes.

I get that it’s hard to ban cigarette smoking here in Vegas, especially in casinos. Now it appears that cigar bars are popular down here…I have never been, but I have heard they can be smokey too. I honestly don’t know about hookah lounges.

One thing I realize, the more upscale and locations of the casinos here in Vegas, the better ventilation filter systems are present…pulling the smoke and smell out of the environment.

Unfortunately, Black Entertainment Opportunities are limited in getting into the upper scale casino venues…some are blessed though.

As I prepare to leave Vegas, I’ve been thinking about stepping out to have some last experiences of the Las Vegas Entertainment Scene.

Now to decide where to go where the whole exit will work for me. 🤔

On August 9, 1997, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13058, banning smoking in all interior spaces owned, rented, or leased by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, as well as in any outdoor areas under executive branch control near air intake ducts.

Based on the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, Las Vegas casinos can allow indoor smoking on the gaming floor. It is important to note that the vast majority of Las Vegas casinos permit smoking indoors, both on and off the Las Vegas Strip.Jun 22, 2022

Smoking ban no longer a threat to casino revenue, report says

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By Richard N. Velotta Las Vegas Review Journal


Thinking about the displeasure I have experienced in smoking environments and wanting my focus to be on enjoying the entertainment.

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