The Listenership Is Growing From Locations to Numbers

Flava News Radio

Flava News took to the air in November of 2009. At that time we did not know where it would go and never dreamed that it would become one of the biggest features that is provided by Flava News. Three and a half years later the listenership has grown over 10 X what it was in the beginning and the countries that are following has expanded to around the globe.

To date these are the TOP 10 Locations:

1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. United Arab Emirates
4. Canada
5. France
6. India
7. Mongolia
8. Malaysia
9. Australia
10. Indonesia

I do a variety of shows from Flava Coffee House Online Radio Style to On The Leopard Carpet and New Music Leaks along with variety of other shows. All the shows are centered around supporting underground/independent artists. Although because we are talking radio, you may think that I just support musical talents, that is not true. I started in this industry as a small business owner that supported local and national artists and honestly was birth as a book reviewer of African American Literature. I encourage All Artists of All Art Forms to take advantage of Flava News and Flava News Radio but to honest the music talents are the most hungry to be heard.

My challenge in what I do it to find a balance in what I call a Win Win Relationship where we all share and show support to each other because in that would provide growth and opportunity when the power of numbers support. To this day, the fight continues to get artists and fans to understand this concept. Could I be too far off in my expectations of what is needed for the unknowns, I really don’t think so. I just think that artists are so focused on their own hustle that they fail to recognize the concept if you give support you will gain support. Plus with the fans, I am so not sure why there seems to be a block to share the news about an artist that they claim to believe and then also take a few dollars to support their projects or product.

I still fight as a one person show to spread the word and educate people on what my thoughts are in growing a true following.

Not all artists have a talent that should be put in the spot light and others just need work on their production and sometimes even personality…but I will leave this subject to a feature blog…

There is power in internet radio…this is the platform for the unknown artists because the bottomline is you are not going to be heard on mainstream radio unless you got through the right channels of numbers and you best start building relationships with internet radio stations and host if you have a quality product to you want heard. Also, do your research and don’t waste your time with reaching out to a station or host that most likely will never play your sound. Be smart with your time and know who to target.

I do what I do because I believe that radio is one of the top tools for an artist to be heard around the world. I have learned that you never know who is listening and may reach out from just one radio show. It has happen numerous times to me and those people are some of my best advocates in what I do and in the growth of Flava News.

Pay attention…The world is listening to Flava News Radio!

Cold Serial by B. Grovner


Artist: B. Grovner
Project: Cold Serial
Genre: Murder Mystery
Flava Rating: 8 Flava Snaps

Cold Serial by B. Grovner takes you on a journey of Harold Masterson of Masterson’s Gems a very successful business man who has such a strong disdain for those women he labels as “Divas.”  Meet the women that cross his path, witness their interactions and what draws them to each other. Harold Masterson appears like a very handsome, successful business man to the outside world but behind the mask of good looks and wealth lives a very disturbed man.  Think about when you date, get married and have a child or children…do you even think about what kind of life you will be able to provide your family.  Will you be able to provide a sense of security, love and compassion? I wonder if Harold Masterson’s mother thought of those things before she married and brought her son Harold into this world. 

You will also meet Detective Craig Barnes.  Working the cases of numerous murders in the Boston area and now assigned to piece together what appears to be multiple murders with no apparent connections but is identified as the work of a serial killer.  During the craziness of his life he becomes reconnected with Raayna, the sister of one of the past murder cases he worked on.  It may seem strange but maybe not as these two are draw to each other, soon they begin to spend time together and become a couple who truly fall in love.  Raayna is a perfect fit of comfort and understanding to a man that carries the weight of many on his shoulders. She understands that he is dealing with the horrendous deaths of people, trying to bring comfort in some way to their loved ones and to help the community know that they are present and working towards bring justice to the cases he and his team are working on.

I recommend this book to someone who likes to read how connections and situations can unfold before your eyes as you read through the pages of this book.  For me, B. Grovner gave me many of those, “I get it” moments as I read, Cold Serial.   It is a page turner and an easy read, but for me, it left me craving the next book by this author.  This was my first e-book and I will say that it reads much differently than a physical copy of a book.  It is not a bad thing but I cannot review this book on all aspects that I would a physical copy.  I will say though, that I am now a fan of e-books and I acknowledge that technology has taken reading to a whole new level.

Great job B. Grovner!  Thank you for introducing me to a new way of reading!

Lady Flava
Flava News Reviews
Seattle, WA
January 15, 2013


Moinca Monet “Simply Beautiful LIVE”

Simply Beautiful LIVE by Monica Monet

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Monica Monet through her music over the past few years…First hearing her single, “Gravity” on Paradyme’s radio show, to then having the honor of playing her on my own radio station.  Sharing her flava from her Nappy Halo CD to a few released tracks from her up and coming Simply Beautiful CD.  The feedback I have always received about playing Monica Monet’s music has always been, that my listeners love and appreciation Monica Monet’s style of perfection and expressing her heartfelt story through music and tone.

In March of 2012, I was blessed to bring Monica Monet to Seattle for a 3 day tour called

“The Love, The Hurt, The Rebirth…Pacific Northwest Simply Beautiful Tour”

Yes, Monica Monet first released her new album, “Simply Beautiful” Simply Beautiful in Seattle, WA.  Although Monica Monet experience every horrible weather conditions in Seattle upon her arrival and caught a cold…she still put on an amazing show.  And people are still talking about it and asking when and if she will be returning.

As we enter into this new year, Monica Monet puts the final touches on a new project, “Simply Beautiful LIVE” which will allow the new and old fans of Monica Monet to experience the raw passion of her live performance in audio and visual.  I have had the pleasure to experience this project before it goes public and I have to say, it is Simply Beautiful.  Maybe I am bias because I know what her studio polished sound is like to that of seeing and hearing her on stage.  But I feel that if you love this woman or have never experienced her LIVE this is the next best thing to the in person opportunity.

Monica Monet exudes passion beyond measures when you hear her sing her songs LIVE…you cannot help but understand the depths of the feeling behind the creation of the word to the music.  There are people who can sing and there are people that can write great songs but cannot put on a great show in person.  Monica Monet can sing, write great songs and is an astounding performer.  She will captivate your attention and have you singing with her before you even realize it.  Be careful she may even single you out in an audience.

Simply Beautiful LIVE is the icing on the cake when it comes to the Monica Monet Experience!  Monica Monet’s music is being played from coast to coast and around the world and has even charted in the UK for over a month at one stretch, along with being sold there.  Her presence has been experienced  from the East Coast to the West Coast and down South.  Now you can experience her LIVE from the comforts of your home.

Coming soon… Simply Beautiful LIVE by Monica Monet “Simply Beautiful LIVE.”

  Go to: to stay updated on how you can obtain you copy of this Collectors CD.

Lady Flava

Flava News Reviews

Seattle, WA

Soul Factory NYC Presents Collette, Darien Dean & Choklate

Soul Factory Presents

Soul Factory Presents Collette, Darien Dean & Choklate at the DROM NYC on December 29, 2012

Click the link to watch the show in the archives and let us know what you think.

Soul Factory

I was pleasantly surprise when Richard Johnson from Soul Factory NYC informed me that I would be able to watch this show LIVE.  I immediately notified people online that they could join me in watching this from the comforts of their home.

This was especially exciting for me since I have been supporting all 3 artists by playing their music on Flava News Radio and with Choklate being a local talent…I actually started playing her music in my physically Flava Coffee House in North Seattle.  As I sat and watch this show live I started receiving phone calls, texts and online message from connects across the United States letting me know they too were watching the show live and how amazing the talents were.

Well, Soul Factory does this show the LAST SATURDAY of EVERY month…and we will be able to enjoy them LIVE online for those of us not in the NYC area.

There are so many great indie artists that deserve to be experienced and I appreciate Soul Factory NYC and the DROM for doing their part in helping to showcase some of the BEST.


Perfect Circle by Alvin L.A. Horn

Perfect Circle

Artist: Alvin L.A. Horn
Project: Perfect Circle
Genre: Romance/Drama
Flava Rating: 10 Flava Snaps

Perfect Circle by Alvin L.A. Horn, is a story that shares the twist and turns that can take place between those of the opposite sex in trying to connect with one another. You will witness some of the characters desiring to find a life time love along with others wanting it, but with such a warped concept of what it looks like, it keeps them from really experiencing true love. Alvin L.A. Horn even touches on those dealing with mental illness, who struggle with the reality of life and honesty, to the point that it may keep them from obtaining a healthy relationship. You will meet Coach Ayman Sparks of East Seattle City University. A man who is so driven by making men out of boys and team players that will succeed in life, that he and his lovely wife Vanessa drift apart not really understanding why it happened. But these two have a life time bond that keeps them drawn to each other even from a distance through a spiritual connection, dreams and a true love for one another. Then there is Sterlin, the assistant coach of ESCU, a good hearted man who is also driven and commit to the basketball team but he has an eye for ladies of all flavors and with that comes the drama.

Will Ayman and Vanessa get back together and will Sterlin ever settle down with one woman? You will have to read the book to find out. In my opinion with all the twist and turns and drama of relationships in this book, it will keep you captivated to the point that you will feel as if you are apart the story and a witness to the characters’ lives. You may even find yourself relating to their stories. I found myself talking to the book and even at points crying. Once I started reading, it was hard for me to put it down. Although, it is a book full of relationship drama, I believe it will have you smiling and feeling good.

From the beautiful book cover, to the formatting and layout of this book along with a great storyline, it is one of the BEST books I have read for review. Sincerely it is a book I would read again. I highly recommend this book to both men and women because I feel all can relate to what Alvin has shared in his book, “Perfect Circle”…but I know that this is a book that women would be drawn to over men.

Well done, Alvin L.A. Horn!

Lady Flava
Flava News Reviews
Seattle, WA
January 7, 2013



Being a professional book reviewer, it was a bit of a challenge for me to keep this to a level of professionalism when I almost consider this book my baby.  I never realized how special this book would be to me on a personal level until I read the final product.

I do not think that I can express the pride that I feel about this book.  My dear friend and brother, Alvin Lloyd Alexander Horn sat many many hours and days in my coffee house, Flava Coffee House in North Seattle working on the manuscript for this book.  At times he would let me read a page or two to get my input or to simply tease me.  Then I was asked to read the rough draft of the full manuscript…but when he brought me the reviewer’s edition before the release of this book…I was sadden that I struggled to get my mind right to sit down and read it.  I was going through a transition of finding a new home to move into with my elderly father and all.  So when the new year hit, I asked God to give me the peace to just sit and read, Perfect Circle and I did.  It drew me in as if I had never had read any of it before…It was hard for me to put it down to do my normal daily tasks around home and Flava News.  At times I knew I needed to sleep but wanted to read more and more.  When I finished, I cried.  Feeling oh so blessed and extremely proud of Alvin, for a job well done.

I know the time that was spent in writing this book.  The ups and downs that Alvin went through in writing this book and adjusting it, having to tweak it here and there, to the stresses of getting it published and being blessed that Zane picked him up as his publisher.

Now the final book is here for the world to experience and enjoy.  Although, Alvin is family to me…aside from that…it is one of the very BEST books that I have read from start to finish.  There is nothing that I can criticize about this book.  It kept my attention, it drew me in for the whole experience and spoke to me as if I was apart of it.  It caused me to speak out loud and even cry.  The dialogue and description was so well done, that it was like I was watching it unfold in front of me as I read the words.

Yes, my chest was pumped out when I read about my daughter being a character in the book and a chapter was dedicated to my coffee house and Lady Flava mentioned.

I recommend this book as a professional and as a lover of books.  This one, I will be talking about to everyone I can talk to about it…it is honestly that good.

Congratulations, Alvin…I love you and am so very very proud of you and this book, Perfect Circle.  I wish you much success this this book and I am right there to help you in anyway that I can.



Forward Movement 2013

Flava NewsFor those of you that follow me, you know that I am processing and prepare for a new approach going into 2013. I will not say that this was a bad year, many blessings have come from it. My life is very different now, and I need to find a way to simplify and make it work so I am not overwhelmed and stressed. One thing I know for sure it that I was put on this earth to serve others and finally really realized that it does not mean to be taken advantage of nor to be taken for granted. I started the Flava News Movement a year ago with no regrets. I know I cannot support everyone, so it was my way of seeing who values what I bring to the table and who wants to be apart of this network. Not all have kept up with keeping me in the loop with what is going on with them, it is their loss. Not all have figure out their path and approach and I have had to take a different approach in my support. Some artists are members and get the basic support and others are clients/associates so they get more. I have heard it said time and time again that people shouldn’t have to pay for certain things, I just shake my head to that…If you feel that you shouldn’t pay, please don’t expect to get paid in return. If someone provides you a service that you value, you in turn need to help them build their empire like they are helping you build yours.

I love the ARTS and ARTISTS…my track record has proven that…Now it is time for Flava to step into the arena, I have worked hard for this and deserve this. Not all will go with me, because they do not see the value in themselves nor in me and I personally and professionally am okay with that. It’s time to step up the game. Forward Movement 2013!

We Will Be “Gifting 5 Artists” Into the Flava News Movement

We Will Be “Gifting 5 Artists” Into the Flava News Movement

Being around artists that are trying to make moves to be noticed and supported as a quality artist share a similar concern no matter what the art form or genre…The all are trying to build a solid team and find a way to have a financial foundation to work from.

I cannot help with the money but I can help with the support and putting an artists in front of the audience that it paying attention to Flava News/Flava News Radio.  In a years time Flava News Radio has almost 10 times that amount of listeners today over November 2011.  The following is across the United States into Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.  The same following of states and countries are going to my website.  Does this mean sales or a following for you, I cannot guarantee but it does put you in a position to be heard and or experienced. 

Not everyone is meant to be a Member of the Flava News Movement but it sure is something to take into consideration and try out my contest if you find that you meet the requirements.

November is my anniversary date for Flava News Radio 2009 and the Flava News Movement 2011…So at the end of November 2012 we will make a decision as to which ARTISTS will be GIFTED into the Movement with a FREE 1 year Membership.

Will it be you?

Lady Flava

Flava News/Flava News Radio/Marlex Records

Seattle, WA






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