What Does A Christian Look Like

What does a Christian look like, and act like?

I will no longer let anyone belittle me for my character…I woke up this morning, wishing I could have a conversation with my Daddy. I don’t believe, I ever heard him say that someone called him weak in character.

I am so much my Daddy’s daughter…

I was taught to put my truth on the table early, so there’s no question in time…then to maintain your truth by action.

I’ve had my character questioned and labeled as weak…I have wondered why it seem that a person cannot respond intelligently without cursing when addressing a concern or treatment from someone else.

Then, there’s that question, “What would Jesus do?”

The Power of 60! Lady Flava

The Challenges in Communication

The Challenges in Communication…. Loving someone on the Autism Spectrum has taught me a lot around the challenges of communication, the struggles with miscommunication.

I am sure that many times when we encounter people and we face challenges in being understood or someone is speaking in a way that it doesn’t make sense…we don’t take the time to understand why there might be a challenge.

This is something that I would like to encourage you to stop and consider, the next time you face a challenge in communicating with someone you know or on a first encounter.

Lady Flava

Get A Coach/Mentor/Advisor That’s Not Your Family or Friend

April 24, 2019  

Let’s Keep It Positive Wednesday…Working Towards A Dream, A Goal! Get You A Coach/Mentor/Advisor!

Lady Flava

Black People Support Black Arts and Entertainment

Lady Flava News

October 3, 2018  · I started talking about this the other night, but wanted to push the subject a little further…Can we talk about Black People Supporting Black Arts & Entertainment so it can grow and thrive.Of course I am not saying that Black People do not support their own, but based off of numerous conversations I have had in working with and supporting Black Arts & Entertainment…this is a topic that comes up frequently.Please listen and I hope we can have an open healthy dialogue around your thoughts.

Lady Flava

Introduction to Lady Flava of Lady Flava News & Flava’s Lounge

Lady Flava

Starting Fresh and decided to stop and introduce myself to those of you that don’t know me.

I go by the name of Lady Flava which was birthed at my coffee house, Flava Coffee House in North Seattle, WA. This is where my passion for supporting local creative soulz, which over time I came to support Artists across the United States. My brand was strong as a book reviewer of African American Literature while at Flava Coffee House and I sold many books from there. In 2008 I hosted a literary conference where authors, spoken word artists and fans of literature came from across the U.S. to gather and connect in person. In 2009 I stepped out and began life as a internet radio show host…playing Only Indie Original Music to Featuring on The Leopard Carpet a variety of creative soulz.

Fast forwarding to 2020, I find myself in Las Vegas, NV…having moved here in 2017 thinking I was moving here to live a dream in hosting my own Indie Artist Showcase in the Entertainment Capital of The World…I was in for a rude awakening…Original music is not embraced down here…people love the classics and cover songs that they are familiar with and can sing along to. I came to respect this form of entertainment, but at the same time became somewhat bored and longed to keep my dream alive, I never gave up even though I didn’t speak on it too much.

I feel into working, and working a lot…some of the reason was just for survival along with building a financial foundation to work from for Flava’s Lounge Vegas. I was overwhelmed with working, exhausted and with no desire or energy to do anything but work and sleep. The pandemic hit, and working in healthcare, I was guaranteed constant work and that is exactly what happened…I worked and I worked and I worked. My health was beginning to be effected not just my body but my mind and my spirit and I knew that I need to make a change because this lifestyle was not working for me and took a toll on me.

July 2020 right after I turned 60 years of age…I had to stop and doing something that allowed me to take care of myself, allowed me to have time off, and time to get back to the reason I moved to Vegas…supporting creative soulz. God blessed me a job, working at the same hospital where I have been working the past 3 years, but now as a hospital staff and no longer an outside contracted employee. I work a regular 9-5 with weekends off and great benefits. Hallelujah, I am back to being Lady Flava and daring to work towards rebranding or should I say, re-introducing myself to the online arts and entertainment industry.

September 1, 2020…I committed to coming back to do my internet radio shows…Every Tuesday & Thursday Flava’s Groove Listening Party and Morning Coffee with Flava Every Saturday morning. It feels so good to get back to my purpose and passion.

So, Let me Introduce Myself, I am Lady Flava of Lady Flava News and Flava’s Lounge Radio…Indie Artist Cheerleader and Advocate…


Lady Flava

Lady Flava News

Website/Blog: flavanews.com

Email: ladyflavanews@gmail.com

Flava’s Lounge

Website: flavaslounge.com

Email: flavaslounge@gmail.com

Lady Flava News & Autism Speaks Fundraiser

Lady Flava News will be participating in the 2020 Walk Your Way with Autism Speaks.

Autism has touched my life personally and professionally, so I decided to step-up and join this great fundraiser for an organization that shows so much support to the Autism Spectrum Community across The U.S..

I have a bit of a twist to this…I am doing this for People of Color on the Autism Spectrum…There is very little information and support on the internet that supports those people other than White effected by Autism. I hope that in the future that this is addressed.

I would love and appreciate your support as I choose to attach my Brand as Lady Flava of Lady Flava News to this fundraiser.

Click this link to go to my AUTISM SPEAKS WALK Page: http://act.autismspeaks.org/goto/ladyflavanews

Thank you in advance!

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News Vegas

Supporting Black Owned Businesses in Vegas Nestle Toll House by Chip

Support Black Owned Businesses! #Vegas
Nestle Toll House Café…
I couldn’t decide what I wanted to buy…lol 😁
Thank You Sparkle Alleyne for GoUrbanVegas for sharing the golden nuggets you come across!

I made my visit today and no,
I’m not eating it all at once 🤪 but let me tell you,
everything was a true treat!

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News
8 Flava Snaps
Nestle Toll House by Chip was Recommended by Sparkle at GoUrbanVegas.com

Sometimes You Find A Gem…Yummy Coffee at A Hospital

I love supporting minority small business owners!
I love this coffee, it is so smooth and creamy.
Plus check out his cups!!! 😁 #ScreamingLadyFlava
Rich at #SouthernHillsEspresso #SouthernHillsHospital #Vegas
Coffee Corner in the Waiting Room
#GreatCoffee #SmoothAndCreamy …
2 month #WhiskeyBarrellAgedCoffee #SouthAmericanCoffeeBeans #SupportingMinoritySmallBusinessOwner

The Original Rhythm Nation Reunited at The Orleans #Vegas

As a Newbee to Vegas, I’ve heard stories of what the past was like in Black Vegas Entertainment and how it has changed over the years. One of the groups that has come up over and over again in conversation is Rhythm Nation. I’ve been told, “you should have seen the Originals.”

Last Night I had that opportunity to experience The Original Rhythm Nation Band at The Orleans Bourbon Lounge in Vegas.

R-L: The Original Rhythm Nation Band

Band Leader, Steve Owens-Percussions/Vocals

Music Director, Skip Rice-Bass Guitar/Vocals

Kharon Harrison-Drums

Reggie Gonzales-Lead Vocals

Joe Evans-Guitar/Vocals

Marcus Johnson-Keyboard/Vocals

For the month of February residency on Thursdays at The Orleans Bourbon Lounge, and with the encouragement of MD, Skip Rice The Original Rhythm Nation Band reunited.

Performing the Classics sounds of The Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye, Rick James, Bruno Mars, The Gap Band and more there were people up dancing or just grooving in their seats. This made for an enjoyable evening for myself as I had the opportunity to spend time my colleague and friend, Lillian Rice of Love The Muzic Productions as we enjoyed these gifted musicians.

Beyond the show experience, I witnessed musicians that have a love and respect for each to the point they knew the music and their individual parts with a flow that appeared flawless and they had not rehearsed in years. That there is a story within itself.

I knew the talents of these musicians from the days I was apart of Sherry Gordy Presents Take The Stage online, as several of these musicians were apart of that band…I realize that I only got a taste of the magic these men were known to create back in the day, but I enjoyed their vibe.

Why was there a split, I imagine it comes down to life happening and other opportunities presented. I’m thankful that I had an chance to see a glimpse of the musical magic of “The Original Rhythm Nation of Vegas”

Maybe they will come together again and if they do, I highly recommend that they are worth seeing.

Vegas Black Entertainment…Past-Present-Future…only time will tell.

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News Reviews

8 FLAVA Snaps for The Original Rhythm Nation

Lady Flava Sharing Her Thoughts Vol.2 Why Vegas Has Taken A Toll On Me

I decided to do a Facebook LIVE as Coffee and Conversation with Lady Flava and I found myself going into a rant about my frustrations with living in Vegas…Take a listen and I am okay with you sharing your thoughts.  Keeping it 100%!

Lady Flava of Lady Flava News

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