Do You Build Win Win Connections?

I recently had a conversation with someone that I have shown years of support to in a variety of ways, and asked why they do not show me support in return…I said we should do this for each other to help each other grow in what we do.

That person said, “What do you do?” 😳

How many of you have industry people you support and do not do the same for you in return?

Why is this? Is it really okay for one sided connections and not win wins for both individuals?

If you are in connection with someone that has skills that you benefit from, there should be some form of support shown in return…especially if you are not paying for their services.

I have taken the time recently in paying attention to the people I am currently connected to and many have been for years, who never or rarely post about what I do that they benefit from or anything that I am trying to achieve for myself as Lady Flava.

I’ve had several conversations over a period of time with some of these people with either, “you’re right” or very little response and definitely no change in mindful support (that should come naturally.)

I have witnessed others who provide services for others, where there is no reciprocation.

As a Christian, I was raised that you uplift and support others. I have done it with pure intentions. This was a rewarding feeling for a long time, until I realize how little I have grown from these connections.

I will never stop supporting others, but in some arenas I will cut back, or stop.

Hitting the “like” button, is that real support or not hitting the “like” not showing support…let’s talk about what support really looks like in the Indie Arts & Entertainment Industry…especially when it comes to social media or word of mouth.

Win wins are most beneficial, don’t you think?

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Remember When We Went To Record Stores? #ThePowerOf60+

Remember when we valued music?

The Dj’s would announce the new release and their release dates and we went to the record store to make our purchase.

Now in this era of digital downloads, artists struggle to gain support from fans and to make money from what they create.

We can find a way to bring back that feeling and support of music, right?

1st written 4/26/2016

I remember as a preteen, teenager and adult when I was so excited about going to the record store and buying new music as it was being released. I was so anal about my music to the point I organized it by genres and artists. I had a hot pink 45 holder and they were organized too. It’s was almost like owning trophies that were on displayed and talked about. You didn’t want to lend them out (45’s & 33’s) with fear that the became scratched and would skip when you tried to play it. Then we moved into 8 Tracks (that was short lived) and cassettes were the new trend. You could get a cassette recorder and record your favorite songs off the radio. The problem with cassettes was they could be ripped apart or wrinkled and stop playing but we still loved them.

In 1979 the Compact Disk Aka CD was created. Cars hosted the ability to play this form of playing music and easy ways to safely store them for easy transport from home to car with a variety ways to play the CD’s. CD’d still exist in 2022 but not has accessible as it was even 10 years ago.

Now we live in the digital area of every thing… music can be streamed on line, through music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or YouTube. Internet Radio Stations and Podcasts Shows are popping up across the globe. So many outlets to be heard on.

But have you ever heard of someone bragging about owning an MP3 Digital Download or who talks about seeking out streaming outlets to listen to their favorite music? Maybe it’s a Millennial thing. My generation doesn’t talk about buying digital downloads and listening to streaming music…some of us still have stereo systems and own albums. Also, many people my age don’t understand the concept of digital downloads and how to even do it.

I see that some are bringing back the 33’s and resurrecting this long ago means of listening to music.

What are your thoughts about the value of music and how do you experience your favorite music?

Also, while I am at it do you listen to new music or do you stick with the classics, cover songs and oldies but goodies?

How do listen to music?

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A&E Can You Handle The Truth?

I’ve been sitting on this post and letting in marinate in my spirit before I decide my approach in what I am going to say.

I speak on the fact that you want people to pay attention, write about you, take pictures/videos and share about their experience. I believe any of us in the public eye want this. But can we handle if something is not favorable in our minds? What if there is a form of critique that don’t make the experience appear perfect? What if there was malfunctions with the sound system, or you didn’t were a flattering outfit. What if your voice was pitchy or the choreography was off. What if the venue wasn’t the best layout for your presentation. There could be a variety of things that can take place, that impacts an experience and a person has a right to express it or not.

Remember the days when food critics went to restaurants and posted in the newspaper, magazine or blog. Or when that known show reviewer posted about a play or musical. Or Siskel & Ebert were LIVE on TV sharing their opinions on the latest movies.

I’m sure we have all experienced in some fashion, the opinions of others on their experience of…even if it’s just talking amongst ourselves.

When I first started on the radio, I received critiques from listeners around the world on the quality of the production. Then I took the time to learn about production from engineers, producers and respected music industry colleagues. I learned so much about the production. As a book reviewer I knew what I needed to be engaged in a book, but learned more and more in the layout, verbiage and effective sentence structure along with style of font and size.

When you put yourself out publicly, you open yourself to people possibly sharing their opinions. Opinions can be a great tool to help us become better, more polished at what we do.

I hope you have a backbone to receive criticism and feedback? You should welcome it and then reflect if the person could be accurate or just brush it off and keep it moving.

Remember our Truth may vary from others and can we Handle Other People’s Truth of Their Experience of Us?

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My Aspie At Times Makes Me Want To Scream 😱 #AVent

The challenges of loving someone on the spectrum, and supporting their career.

The last 2 times have been so frustrating. I have made excuses for him over the years, I’ve joined support groups. I understand Autism pretty well by choice. I try not to react but sometimes he is so rude, that I am trigger to react. When I react, he calls me weak and emotional. Honestly, when I set boundaries and did not allow him access to me, it was much easier.

I understand that he will say off the wall things and does not comprehend what I say a lot of the time…but man, I don’t want to compromise my integrity and personality to make it work…it’s just gotten old and exhausting. I opened up communication with him just a little bit ago and it does not feel good. I’m sure so much of it is me, because I don’t want to deal with the rudeness of this life challenge.

I know he is unaware and communication and social skills are challenged and I feel guilty for getting frustrated with it. But there is no balance and no give and take.

I respect him as a man, father and great talent but not a person who gets me and makes me feel respected.

Where’s the win win…I’m tired.

I’ve made excuses and now I’m tired of understanding Autism.

I’m just venting. I write about the challenges of having people I care that are on the Autism Spectrum. It is not being disrespectful, it’s being real about the frustrations.

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Clearly I wrote this blog out of frustration. I think that is out, because it’s being real and owning a reaction I have to a challenging relationship.

This morning I listened to Jay Shetty. Jay said, “the frustration and disconnect comes from having expectations of others that don’t fit what you think they should be like. We need to identify what they bring to the table and leave it right there and appreciate the value.” Even I have heard this in a variety of ways before, it resonated with me this morning and eased my spirit regarding my Aspie and others that I get frustrated with.

I found I need to add this follow up to this post. I have no regrets in sharing my vulnerability and my revelation. I have to make a decision if I can deal with this person or is it time to close the door.

Top Gun Review 10 Flava Snaps

May 27.2022 Opening Day for Top Gun “Maverick” and my jobs CEO rented out a theater at Palace Station for all the staff to come out and experience this movie with him. I went and enjoyed although I chose to sit in a section alone.

If you saw the first Top Gun that was released in 1986, wow it was that long ago…it wasn’t a surprise the loud sounds of the jets and from the opening scene, you attention was grabbed with anticipation.

The next generation of Naval fighter pilots were taken to the next level to be the best with the guidance of Maverick (Tom Cruise) who not only taught through words but actual example.

With hesitation as his former flight partner and best friend, Goose’s son Rooster is apart of this crew. Feeling the essence of wanting him to stay safe without pushing him to the limits of a fighter pilot in combat and flight challenges and the wanting him to be the best of the best, like his father who the lost to this Naval Flight raging potential outcome.

The crew learned from and respected this seasoned pilot and now their mentor in life. With cockiness and pure arrogance or unspoken timid fear but with the heart of Naval Top Gun Fighter Pilots, they all step up.

The energy of this movie was exciting. A variety of emotions were felt through the characters and scenes. With flashbacks to the first Top Gun to the next generation, a prideful purpose was felt from Iceman pushing Maverick into another stage of greatness. The others in leadership as Iceman, I believe knew what Maverick could do with this crew but hesitated in allowing him to do the unthinkable with the blessings due to the high risk factor.

Pride, team trust, rekindled love, growth and faith and feelings with strength are felt.

This is a movie that was great and I would watch it again and again as I did the first version.

Did he win the girl back? 😊

With the memories of friendship to the present pride of mentor slash uncle. Sadness, pain and forgiveness is present between Maverick and Rooster.

As an Empath I experience life and Art different than most, but I felt the life lessons out of an intense military story. It’s not just about oneself but your decisions can and will impact others.

I’m grateful to my boss for making this opportunity available to us on opening day of Top Gun “Maverick “. Going to the movies was a nice change for me.

I highly recommend this movie with a loud 10 Flava Snaps 😁

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Learn Something New

Intentional learning is the mindset of seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn something new. The desire to learn should always be in our consciousness, where we approach everyday situations and gain new knowledge. Intentional learning could be key the key to success in tomorrow’s world.

Jan 5, 2021 › intention…

Of course I think about how artists and entertainers should always master their craft through practice, rehearsals and learning new techniques or exploring a different direction.

But I’m beginning to think that it goes beyond mastering one’s craft…it think that intellectual stimulation creates more ability to visualize beyond where one is. There are so many ways to push ourselves beyond what we know today.

Google and YouTube are wonderful resources to expand what we know. It can push is to think beyond what we know and see things differently. It can set a fire to where we desire to learn something new, try a different approach, design a presentation in a fresh way and more.

I’m speaking from personal and professional experience. In many ways I have been suck in how I understand this industry of Arts & Entertainment that I choose to be apart of. It has changed so much, so how do I fit in and what can I do with the new information that I’ve learned.

I’m going to push myself to learn more about technology such as Zoom and Photoshop. I hear stories differently too. When I listen and feel the experience of Art, Creative SoulZ…I not only pay attention to how I feel but what I believe the person(s) intentions are in what they want your experience to be. This is the Empath in me. I crave learning new things and pushing myself. I like the idea of leading by example.

So, I would encourage you to go beyond what you know today and see how a shift can take place in your lift. Growth can allow others to experience something new from you.

Brain stimulation will help as we age and this is so important to lessen the chance of dementia.

Thinking Out Loud…

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Who’s Your Industry Mentor?

I believe that everyone should have a mentor that they trust, that schools you, motivate you and pushes you do the hard things.

Throughout my years as Lady Flava and honestly throughout my life I have always had people who were high achievers, researchers with a desire to constantly learn.

You should want people that you can have a give and take connections that bring out the best in each other. You can always be an inspiration to your mentor.

I feel you need others to bounce ideas off of to share your creations with to get their honest opinions. Stay away from family and friends for honest feedback.

Grow a backbone and want the truth, the truth may not be so bad if you can receive it graciously and determine what to do with it.

People want good things expressed, but you should want to hear challenging opinions that come from a good place.

Who’s your mentor? Do you have a mentor? Are you a mentor? If you don’t have one, explore what possible opportunities there might be to find one.

It’s Time To Connect!

Mentors Rock! Find a Mentor in The Industry that you are drawn to.

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How Connected Are You?

I’ve been thinking about this for years, for myself and for the creative soulz that I pay attention to.

I have spent numerous hours researching and listening to videos, podcasts and simply following those identified as influencers.

It really doesn’t make sense to beyond you need to connect.

Years ago as I researched the music industry, I heard it said (and I will reference this often) when people start writing about you, that means they are paying attention and that’s what you want, that’s when you know you have made it.

There’s an honoring when people are talking about you, writing about you, sharing about you to their people and networks.

Do you know The Who’s in Your Life as a Public Entity?

Who’s your Real Fans?

It’s one thing when we try to tell you who we are and what we do, but it is a greater thing when others are doing it for us.

Our Fans are our BEST form of Promotion.

So it’s time to pay attention to who is paying attention and sharing….not just showing up, but encouraging others to pay attention too.

What if, just what if we did this for each other…the ones we claim to appreciate what the are doing.

It’s something to think about, right? 🤔

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I’m Excited To Be Writing As An Accredited Blogger/ Journalist of LadyFlavaNews

As I’ve been exploring what direction I wanted to take my support of indie creative soulz, I felt a shift coming. I lost interest in radio and even making promos for others, but I found a passion for telling peoples stories. I want to write my truth about what I feel or what I experience. I want to give creative soulz the opportunity to tell their story.

Many times in the Indie Arena of Arts and Entertainment the world never hears about the amazing talents out there. There is very little online documentation of creatives that we may cross paths with in person or online.

Years ago, as I was researching the Music Industry…I came across an Artist House video where the industry person said, “you know you have made it when people start writing about you.” This information has stuck with me.

In my move to Las Vegas I have met and experienced many great talents. I have spent numerous hours researching Vegas Entertainers, Black Vegas Entertainment and have found little or nothing on these performers.

So, I came up with the concept of “Tell Your Story with Flava.” Giving an opportunity to seasoned entertainers to have their story documented. I’ve only done one so far but my goal is to open this up to creative soulz from near and far.

Although, I’ve been writing reviews and blogs or doing vlogs for years…I’ve never just focused myself in this direction. God and I have had many conversations about what I should be focusing on as a supporter of creative soulz and right now it’s writing, vlogging and taking pictures.

I’m excited and I welcome you to follow my journey in connecting with creative soulz in Las Vegas but not limited to just local talents and businesses. Yes, I love writing about my experience of encountering small businesses too.

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BRAVO…Avana Christie, “The Best of Me” Musical Concert #LasVegas

“The Best of Me, Avana Christie”

“The Best of Me” Presented by Avana Christie and PM Productions, was an experience that I was excitedly anticipating.

I was once apart of Avana Christie’s team when she put on the phenomenal concert R.E.S.P.E.C.T. here in Las Vegas. I willingly accepted this responsibility of tickets and merchandise, but hated to have missed whole experience of the performance. The audience raved about their experience as they exited the theater with praise and excitement.

So, this time I attended as a journalist and fan.

Avana Christie aka Peachy One did not disappoint. 🍑🌟🍑🌟🍑

Check out the snippets that I am sharing with you below. I just wanted to give you a glimpse into the world of a polished Las Vegas and World Entertainer, Recording Artist and Actress on Stage and Film;

Miss Avana Christie.

Link to pictures of this event on LadyFlavaNews on Facebook

As you can see from the photos and video snippets I’ve shared above, a lot of hard work, rehearsals and plotting & planning went into this production and experience. Avana Christie took us on a journey of her life as an entertainer from early days in church, sharing the journey that took her around the world and then what she has to offer people in Las Vegas and coming to Las Vegas. In my opinion, The Peachy One (as she is fondly called) is the whole package. Great vocals, engaging presence and thoughtful stage presentation. She hand picked her background singers, and musicians along with the dancers and visuals displayed through pictures and videos with on the overhead screen.

2 of Las Vegas Favorite Entertainers, Denita Asberry and Bobby Rose joined in on this fabulous affair and wowed the audience with their music flair.

Avana took us on a musical journey through songs like: Everything Must Change, Tell Me Something Good, Midnight Train To Georgia along with a variety of other classics….Then the moment came when she performed her New Single, “Peachy Wit Me.” The audience loved it.

Although there were some minor glitches, I wholeheartedly feel this was a wonderful production and experience. With poise, pizazz and phenomenal talent not only from Avana Christie but from her background singers and band gave a great concert experience at the North Las Vegas Library Theater. I sincerely say “Bravo” to Avana Christie and her Team. A production like this could not be pulled off without a solid team and I know from experience that Avana was very selective in who she asked to play a role.

I would encourage you to follow Avana Christie on social media and her website : You don’t want to miss her next performance and concerts.

8 Flava Snaps

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