A&E | Who is Your Target Audience?

Who Is a Target Audience?

Your target audience refers to the specific group of consumers most likely to want your product or service, and therefore, the group of people who should see your ad campaigns.

Target audience may be dictated by age, gender, income, location, interests or a myriad of other factors.

Understand who is interested in experiencing what you have to present. Then target your promotions with that group of people.

Get Creative…You can still create an interest from people who would be NEW to what you do…

Always, explore how to GROW your AUDIENCE.

If you draw the same people over and over, there is NO GROWTH to Level Up.

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Create A Valuable Experience

Create A Valuable Experience

ToRise #BringValueToTheMarketPlace #WhatIsYourValue #WhatAreYouGoodAt #WhatAreYouCommittedTo #WhereDoesYourDeterminationLie #WhatDoYouBringToTheTable #WhatHaveYouMastered #WhatIsYouPassion #DoYouKnowYourPurpose #KnowYourStrengths … #FindYourValue and with #Pride #Excitement and #Enthusiasm #Market Yourself … #PositionYourself #FindYourAudience

Who Needs What You Have To Offer … And Who Will Pay For It? #DoYouWantMore #KnowYourValue

I first wrote this in 2019 and it was directed at that time to creating a revenue building following. Knowing your Audience and if you are creating a product that others will find value in.

Today, I look at it in the same light but with a different twist… The experience of you is what will bring Value to Others. What is the experience going to be and why should people pay attention and want to take their valuable time and money to indulge in what you have to offer.

What do you have to offer that will bring value to people? Think about it and then implement the plan of action.

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Thinking Out Loud

I Learned A New Word “Devoir”

I get an email everyday and I love when a WORD, makes sense to me to remember and hopefully use. Well, today the WORD is “DEVOIR.” A person’s duty.

What a great word.

Examples of devoir in a sentence

“Harrison believes it’s his devoir to feed all the stray cats on his block.”

“During World War II, many Americans saw it as a devoir to grow their own vegetables in Victory Gardens.”

This is a great Lady Flava word.

My devoir is to find my authentic way to support creative soulz.

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Learning New Words…Growing My Vocabulary

Who Are You Raving About?

Who are you Raving about?

What Creative Soul has captured your attention?

What restaurant that is a own by an individual, family or collective has amazing food and service?

Who creates things that you love and have purchased?

What creator has designed a tool for your well-being?

Now you know I’m all about the INDEPENDENT CREATIVE SOULZ..

The mainstream media has us paying attention to people who will never know our names, nor show appreciation for our support.

So today and every day…Let’s Shout Out

Let’s Rave About____________

-New Music

-New Hair Care

-New Books

-New Shows

-A New Cafe


-Health and Wellness

-A Fresh New Designer

I’m sure we all have connected to someone in person or online that has Created something we can RAVE ABOUT.

Let’s Start TODAY 😁

Who are you going to SHOUT OUT?

It’s Time To Build Each Other Up.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had.” yes, establish the work of our hands.”

Country Living 10/18/2020

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Step It Up In 2023

2022 was The Return Year, after The Pandemic.

2023 will be The Year to STEP IT UP.

Hopefully 2022 was the year that you worked things out. Explored possibilities and into. Reviewed what worked and didn’t work. Designed how you want things to flow and what you are willing to do to get to the next level.

Don’t imagine, you feel this was a solid year for presenting your creativity, your craft. Some of you have done extremely well and we’re able to present across the country and around the world, while others were taking opportunities in their local arenas. Both are great and both can be a foundation for the next step.

Some of you did not put the initiative into mastering your public presentation , even when you were given opportunities

In my opinion, it’s all good…just be honest with yourself on how this year worked for you coming out of The Pandemic.

Then identify where you are willing to be in the work, the determination to get you in a leveled up position in the new year. Stepping Stones.

It’s Time Step It Up in 2023.

I believe in speaking things into existence.

I believe I’m vision boards.

I believe in writing a dream, a goal down on paper.

I believe if you really want better, you have it in you to do better.

Your level up…How you step it up will look different for everyone, but I hope you have a plan to do more as we leave this year and head into the next.

Tomorrow is not promised, so step it up for yourself. It’s your turn to SHINE.

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A&E | My Testimony

I am sure that I am not the only one that regularly prayers, but our world is so crazy inside and outside of ourselves that we are unable to listen. I highly recommend when you are seeking a blessing, get quiet and talk to God with an open spirit. He’s waiting for you.

Sometimes, we can get caught up in life that it stops making sense. We are working and not getting anywhere. The people we are around are not moving forward with growth and achieving more towards their goals. The conversations are the same. Is this you?

Life was becoming frustrating. I had some hard conversations, with the outcome that I was an unfair issue. No one acknowledging even my why. One telling me they were angry with what I was saying. It’s hard to acknowledge that a one sided relationship was established and you are not reciprocating in return.

God has always been the head of my life. I believe he has been talking to me all along but I just didn’t hear…and then one day…it was clear, he told me to STOP and BE SILENT.

That was October 1, 2022. I stopped. I stopped calling and taking calls. I stopped creating promotional tools. I stopped putting in work on other people’s projects. I just stopped.

This has been an amazingly freeing experience for me.

I let go with love. I love each one of these people, but right now as I heal from what I allowed to happen. I have no conversation. I am good with being quiet and to myself.

I still support by reposting. I’m still doing my LadyFlava thing. I love and support the Arts & Entertainment Community. But today, I choose to be apart of my own team. Doing what I choose to do. This feels like God to me 🙏

When I come back, it will be on different terms. I will make sure that I am involved in what are win win situations.

If you are a believer of God and you feel like life is overwhelmingly frustrating. Just STOP and talk to GOD and be SILENT so you can hear what he has to say. He will reveal what you need to do. 🙏

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Happy People | Financially Stable | What A Difference


Okay, this is more personal but it can blend into my professional Lady Flava world 😁

You know how there is the saying that has been going around for years…

Over 10 years ago my business mentor from Flava Coffee House told me on my 50th birthday, you will struggle if you continue to work with struggling artists. I get it, I get it.

So this past weekend, I was invited to go to a baby shower for one of my nurses. I decided to go, he really wanted me to come plus I was up to doing something different and to be around new people…I knew some other staff from work would be there and I looked forward to seeing them in a different environment.

I did not realize where I was going and 45 minutes later I pulled up to a beautiful gated community. As I waited for the guard to get permission to let me in…my mind wondered. “Is this where he lives?” Okay, I was cleared and ventured to find the address…still wondering 🤔😊

What a beautiful community and the house where the baby shower was held was so amazing.

It was hosted by a family member and the house was full of family and friends. Friendly people, wonderful food, fun games and just a great experience. Good energy from all his people. Smiles, laughter…talking, sharing just warm welcoming fun.

It was clear that this was a family that has worked hard to be able to afford luxuries and a comfortable living, but at the same time these were good people to be around for a a beautiful celebration for a soon to be new addition. This baby is going to be so loved. ❤️

Here are some things I’ve never seen before in someone’s home.

A fully reclining massage chair
Locked purse display case

The chair looked so comfortable, but the purses…I didn’t understand the locked case on display. But I guess if that is your thing, I respect it.

So what came to mind for me, was when people are blessed with financial security, that is one area in the moment they do not have to worry. Not to say that they don’t face other life challenges, but I sense that with a home in a community like this one, and the food served and all you can drink bar…it was a beautiful experience to feel no stress from lack of money. They were able to do it the way they wanted and I respect that. And they sincerely seem like happy, fun loving people.

It was a refreshing experience for me. I’m so glad that I went. I’m glad to have met his family and friends. It was great to spend time with a few of my staff and co-workers in a different setting.

Fun Times

I would say that there was more men than women…and the men really got into playing the games. 😁 So much fun watching them.

I’ve spent the majority of my time in Vegas, connected to people who are struggling financially, mentally and emotionally and I hate to say it, but it rubbed off on me…. This is why Vegas has taken such a tool on me.

I wished I could do more to create something solid for creative soulz here, so they begin to be respected for their real talents and thrive from their craft.

Once upon in Vegas, the local talents did thrive in Vegas and even performed on the strip. In 2022, it is a huge difference for Black Entertainment and the Pandemic made it worse. Black Entertainment in Vegas and everywhere deserves to thrive and be genuinely happy. They deserve to not have financial stressors and present their best to grow and grow.

It was wonderful to be around great energy, happy people. I want to experience happy, creative people. Being an Empath, can be so challenging when other peoples energy effects me…so happy people are welcome 😁

Let’s all work on being genuinely HAPPY in the New Year. It’s up to us to create a happy life.

God Bless You All. I welcome you to share your thoughts around Happy People.

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Sharing a personal experience.

+❤️+ I spoke to my god-sister last night and shared with her my experience and she brought up something that I didn’t recognize at that point, she said loved it because it was family. As we talked about that, I now feel that was a vital reason that this celebration had such an impact on me…,family came together to celebrate my friend and his wife in the new little one that will soon join their family.

I don’t take away that what I wrote about above doesn’t come into play..,but with my family back home, we would come together and celebrate with laughter and happiness filling our homes.

Still there is nothing better, than to be amongst love with people who want to be with each other to celebrate.

A&E | Understand Your Finances

I have a question, how well do you know the status of your A&E Finances.?

What do you pay out for your craft and what do you bring in?

This is where I feel, from a business standpoint, artists and entertainers do not always keep track of the finances regarding their craft.

It’s important to keep records for many reasons

1) For tax purposes | Write offs

2) To know what you pay out and what you bring in to evaluate the financial value or deficit.

3) To design a realistic budget

Get a ledger book or create one online. Or use a simple journal or note book.

Things to keep track of:

-Venue cost & venue service providers


-Musicians and Singers

-Marketing and promotions

-Outfits & costumes | shoes

-Make up, hair and nails


-Food & drink

Keep track of everything that you have to payout for a project.

I would also keep track of anything that is donated in services and product.

Also, you should have a receipt book.

You should keep a receipt, keep records for when you pay out for performance services, performers, venues and more.

Keep records of what you were paid for a project or how much money you made on a project.

As a professional in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, it’s important to understand your finances.

Learn to create a budget sheet for every project. It will keep you on point with understanding where you may need to make adjustments.

Keep track of all money that comes in from a project. All revenue and financial sponsorships and donations.

Understand the money aspect of your craft.

Start creating a means to save money towards your next project.

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Is There A 10 Year Repeat Pattern?


One of my plans for 2013 is to stop having the same conversations with self and others when there is no real plan nor desire to make changes.

Learning to let go and allow others to own there own stuff…I have to stop taking on other peoples stuff and attitudes…I am like a sponge and I absorb it all and then at times have a hard time shaking it.

Thinking out loud after constantly dealing with some form of mess when I come to work and drama from some artists…Really working on turning things and people over to God.


I had to stop and paste this to a blog from my Facebook memories…. more and more I am floored when I read post from past on Facebook, it’s like I have a cycle of similar situations in the arts and entertainment industry.

What does this say about me…or does this say something about the industry I choose to be apart of. I think this is worth seeking a conversation with one of my industry mentors.

I’m tripping because this is how I feel 10 years later as I prepare to end my journey in Vegas. Letting go of my frustration with others and who I have become in the challenges of different mindsets.

Maybe it is my personality and the challenges of dealing with creative soulz.

I’m open to hear your thoughts…have you ever found yourself in similar situations, where there seems to be periods where life comes full circle of what appears to be dejavu’?

Life in the Arts and Entertainment Industry for me, Lady Flava 🤔

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A&E | Multiple Streams of Income

A Conversation with My Uber Driver…A young man talking about multiple streams of income. He shared with with me about what he is doing to create opportunities for himself. I had this same conversation with a young hip hop artist a few years back.

#motivation #inspiration #education

Information can come from sources you may not see coming. Listen to the messenger. #multiplesourcesofincome | #arts & #entertainment | Make sure you have multiple streams of income.

During the long stretch of living under the umbrella of The Pandemic of Covid. Many lost their jobs, opportunities and financial security.

I was listening to a couple of podcast on starting a home base base and ways to create multiple streams of income.

As I age, you know that 60+ category, I don’t want to continue to work for someone else and I want to have time to build LadyFlavaNews as a Brand and Business. I do recognize that I need to have multiple streams of income to build from.

I’m opening up the conversation with my children on starting a home base family business.

I want to encourage you to. There are so many forms of easy business you can start with no money or very little startup capital.

Work from home opportunities:

-Arts & Crafts

-Arts & Entertainment Business



-Informational PDF

-Social Media Influencer

-Uber Driver

The possibilities are endless.

I’ve thought about it and talked about it, but sadly I have not taken action to the extent as I could have.

After reflecting on my conversation with one of my Uber Drivers, I am encouraged to step up and create another form of income for myself.

What are you good at and can you turn that into a home base business. Think about and then research

💵💰💵💰💵 #money #income #resources #multiplestreamsofincome #letsdoit

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