The Fiyah Was Ignited at Block Party’s Concert at Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur in Vegas


For me, I had great anticipation for what the experience would be like as this was Block Party’s first concert show at a casino since Covid 19 shut down Vegas along with the nation and across the globe. I knew in my soul that this night would be special and it went beyond what I could have imagined.

The promotions were circulating on all the different social media networks be a variety of people including myself. I knew there was going to be a great turn out.

I tried to gage what time I should arrive, so I walked in the door at 6:30pm thinking I easily would be able to secure a good table to take the perfect pictures and videos. To my surprise, venue was already full with people who arrived early to save seats for their people. Several Leo Birthday Celebration along with others who clearly knew they needed to arrive early to get a seat.

From the first song to the last, the dance floor was packed. Everyone was have a great time and partying hard with BLOCK PARTY 🔦📸🍹💥💋

Around the 3rd set FingaRachoZ announced that he had just been informed that they had the largest crowd of any of the shows at their entertainment lounge at Arizona Charlie’s on Decatur along with keeping the dance floor packed. The bartenders were happy and all around the management and booking agent was the thrilled with the outcome of having BLOCK PARTY perform.


The energy was high the whole night…From Block Party to the crowd. FingaRachoZ, band leader of Block Party is a genius when it comes to orchestrating a well designed experience that just flows….From the music selection to the singers and choreography….Block Party was On Fiyah and Ignited the Crowd.

Many people in Vegas have their favorite band and Block Party is at The Top of The List for Many. And this was proven by the number of people that came out and stayed to the very end.

From FingaRachoZ on Keys, Darnell on Bass, George on Drums, JC on Guitar, P Wils on Percussions along with Bruce Lead Male Vocalist and Steph Payne as Feature Female Vocalist for this show, with a surprise visit from Kyss Kyss the Lead Female Vocalist for Block Party…the Night was Magic. I loved seeing people up dancing and engaging each other and Block Party…the Vibe was infectious. This was a great combination of musicianship, they played well off of each other. Block Party took this particular show to a whole different level and you can see why they are Known as The Dopest Crew in Vegas. They have created their own lane in Las Vegas Entertainment. Once you experience Block Party you will never forget the experience.

Those people that know that I have been involved with Block Party for years may say that I am bias, and maybe I am…but the proof is in the puddin’ from what people are saying to the pictures and videos floating around on social media.

You can check out more videos of BLOCK PARTY AT:



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How You Can Show Support

How can you show your support of an indie artist?

1) Hit the share button and share with your network
2) Purchase their product or pay to attend their event
3) Write a review for them
4) Tell 10 people in hopes they will tell 10 people and on and on and on

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I Have Always Advocated For The Underdogs…

REPOST FROM 9/5/2015

I have known several successful, wealthy people all my life. They have loved me, believed in me and even mentored me…They are so business smart and goal oriented that at times they forget the importance of settling their mind to be peaceful.

I never met up to their belief in me because I have always wanted to fight for the underdog than get on board with a different way of thinking and doing. I am loyal to my belief that God put me on this journey to support and nuture the up & coming.

So my decisions have made it hard for me to move forward even though I have mass knowledge, skills and connections. I have struggled to gain a real following, along with raising money to fund artists projects. So I just lost a potential sponsor of UTAE because I failed to meet the requirements of a certain number of true followers and financial supporters by August 1st.

I will not give up…But I need your help to build FOR US BY US…

Lady Flava

Guess what, I’m working on rebuilding my LadyFlava of LadyFlavaNews Brand. I am a 1 woman team, team me. I don’t have anyone helping build but I help others with their brands creating tools and promoting on a variety of social medias.

So, I’m handling things differently. I create when I want and I don’t ask for permission, they are not paying me. I feel like if I want to create it’s doing something for someone with my brand.

Who would criticize someone helping them for free…they should be grateful, right.

So I just do it to show my work and brand.

And of course I like to step in when I see a need…so I still help those trying to build something. I find myself trying to educate them to step up for themselves.

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Performers: Do Not Sing If You Do Not Know The Words

I was thinking about the dos and don’ts being an entertainer, singer, performer…

Rehearsals are key along with preparation. You want to give your BEST every time you step in front of an audience, no matter of the size or venue.

It is said, “you never know who might stop by your show and what influence they may have to provide future opportunities.” Put your Best foot forward, First impressions can be lasting impressions without a do over.” (Yes, I added some extra onto this well known quote.)

So, to get back to my reason for this quick post…

DO NOT perform a Song you do not know the Words to.

Some may go along with whatever, professionals know when you are not prepared. Stick to what you know for sure in the present and kill it. Go home and learn new music, practice/rehearse and Smash it in front of an audience when you’ve perfected it.

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I Don’t Get Paid For What I Do

I’ve been going around and around in my head about the support I have given over the years to certain creative soulz. I’m working on my why…needing to make sense to myself.

I create promotions and when I do, I also promote on my many socials. I put a lot of work and effort into what I do. And I sincerely love doing it.

Right now though, I don’t feel valued in the work I put into helping the handful of people I step up for. I’ve had conversations around why they do not support me in return. One said, “what do you do?” another said, “I don’t do social media” and the last one said nothing.

So why do I continue to support them? Good question…I think this is my addiction, I like to step in where I see a need and help others build what they are doing.

I make promotional posts, take and edit pictures, videos, EPK’s, websites, run pages, write letters and more…and no, I do not get paid and I do not get support for what I do as a business and brand. They do not put me in front of their audience. The men do not acknowledge me at all for what I do. Some of it is I am sure because I am a woman and now I wonder if is my race.

I am a Christian and as my God-Sister pointed out, we were raised to help others. We witnessed our parents do it, and of course we were raised in church so it was a way of life that was instilled in us.

So where is the balance when, I to am trying to build my business and brand with no support. I truly am a 1 Woman Operation. So things have changed in my spirit on my why and my approach.

Now, if I am drawn to create and promote, I don’t ask, I just do it and don’t ask approval. I will tag and it’s up to them if the want to use it.

I have come to realize that I am addicted to creating and promoting as I try to understand how this all works on social media and becoming an influencer. So, I just do it.

July was a hard month for me on doing what I do and was put down and criticized on a project I was asked to do at short notice. This was not new to me, but was still was hurtful. But I completed it and he put it out without acknowledging that I created it. I do a lot for this person and they don’t like what I create. At first I was telling myself that someday I will create something that he will like. But he continues to put me down. I know the reason why, and it is a real excuse but it’s still not easy to deal with.

I’ve created marketing tools and business tools to set people up to be able to present in a professional manner…and they continue to use their old ways. But they want to be recognized more, and to have more opportunities to come their ways. I’ve done my research and understand a lot of the ins and outs of how to present professionally. I share the information with these people and it’s like it goes in one ear and out the other. No one else is doing this for what is the disconnect?

Now I step back and I watch…I watch to see if they use what I’ve created for them.

I think I finally understand my business mentor back home, she told me, “ as long as you deal with broke artists, you will remain broke. Susan, people get paid for what you do.” It’s interesting, she told this to me 12 years ago on my birthday, when I turned 50. SMH

At times, I tell myself to stop and then I continue…

That’s why I think this is my addiction issue… 🤔

There is a saying, “People do not value what they do not have to pay for.” I am finally realizing that I believe this is true.

It makes me sad because if we would build each other up, there is more value in that than being compensated financially.

So, I do what I do, when I want to and how I want to without permission. I can’t tell if this feels good, that’s why I think I’m addicted to seeing a need and stepping up to help.

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Are You Being Effective or Are You Just Busy Doing Nothing?

As I listen to a variety of motivational and business videos, it is mentioned time and time again, are you busy doing nothing or busy achieving.

I know people who talk about being busy all the time and I sit back and see them not moving forward in any area but aging.

Do you know Busy People or are you one of them?

I think a to do lists can be effective when wanting to achieve something. ✔️ing off things on a list or even keeping a visual calendar that you can write what you accomplished on a certain day.

Set a goal and identify the steps needed to get to the end results.

Stop wasting time and take steps to complete something. The more you do this, the easy it gets.

It’s a great feeling to set a goal and to take the steps to make it to the finish line.

Stop getting in your own way with things not helping you achieve your goals. Stop being busing doing nothing.

Forward Movement is something that my friend and colleague Jace ECAj of Black Stax would always say.

Whatcha Gonna Do Now? 🤔

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Hustle…Get Your Hustle On

HUSTLE…Get Your Hustle On ✔️

#hustle #getyourhustleon #hustling #hustlers #hustlemode #promote #tellpeople #showpeople

Years ago it was said, “You have to promote yourself, no one is going to come knocking on your door and and ask you, if__________.”

If you have a project or product, if you’re an entertainer or a small business…get creative and make sure the word is getting around.

You will hear me talk about marketing and promotions a lot. This is one of the most important tools we need to master, to get people to pay attention.

Back when I had Flava, it was said that it takes 7 times of seeing an advertisement before you pay attention and more before you remember and possibly take action.

Talking about oneself it not easy for everyone. But if you are a public person in some shape or form…you need people skills with the ability to tell people about who you are and what you do. Get people excited about THE WHY, and share with others why they should pay attention.

Get people excited and they will become your most effective marketing tool. You want people talking.

Social Media can be challenging, but it is your most cost effective FREE approach to get home in front of the masses.

Now Whatcha Gonna do?

I’ll Be Watching 🤓

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Can You Plot & Plan Without Understanding Your Industry?

Can you plot and plan with out understanding the industry you are apart of?

I feel it is so important to do your research on what the ins and outs of your chosen area of interest and strengths in an industry and how it works today.

I have found that much of the information I have obtained over the years about Indie Arts & Entertainment is the same but the presentation is different.

Industry mover & shakers are not just looking at talent, they are looking at your social media interaction and real following.

They want to see the work you have put into you public presence and if you have the ability to fill a venue or sell product.

Social Media is a huge factor in how those with the capability to open doors of opportunities will be looking at.

Another question to ask yourself, if someone was asked what they know about you and think, what would they say? Do you know?

Learn about your industry and what you need to understand to level up. Do your research.

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I’m Going To Start Tooting My Own Horn

Am I wrong for feeling frustrated when I do work for creative soulz that do not acknowledge that I have done the work?

They obviously are okay with me putting in the work, plus they return time and time again for me to help them with a project.

I could be being petty right now…but in my opinion, the win win is the recognition 📢📣📢📣📢

So when it feels like a proper situation on social media…I am going to start tooting my own horn and pull back on certain things that are no longer beneficial to my spirit or my brand.

People who wanna see you win will help you win. Remember that‼️ ~Lendell Jones~

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Thinking Out Loud

The Residency #Seattle #Youth #MusicProgram #Macklemore

🗣 Extended Deadline (7/25) for The Residency Summer Workshop Series. Limited capacity. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

This program is for youth ages 16-19 who want to pursue hip-hop and music as a career. This is a month-long program where 30 youth students select a vocal or production track, produce original songs, record in a professional studio, and learn about a career in music from some of the region’s best teaching artists.

Participants will receive a $600 stipend for their attendance and a $1,000 technology stipend to help bridge the technology gap.

Artists will showcase their music in front of hundreds at the finale showcase at MoPOP’s Skychurch!
Participants will gain access to year-round opportunities!

Record music for Free

Receive a signed certificate by @macklemore and the executive director, Amir Islam (@blackamir ) upon completion.

Artists will learn business acumen from music leaders and gain a social justice lens from community activist leaders.

Bus tokens, snacks, and lunch are included.

Apply now | Link In Bio | Or

Locations | Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institution, Washington Hall, and MoPOP’s Sky Church!

Questions about the program |

I wholeheartedly respect and support The Residency Seattle.

I had the opportunity to sit down and interview 3 of the young talents from this phenomenal music program. They happened to come to Las Vegas to open for Macklemore at the Recover Out Loud iHeart Radio Concert.

I am from Seattle, my home and I will always support the goodness of what takes place back home, like The Residency ❤️

Check out my interview with The Residency

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